Beauty Guide to #GetSummerReady with Lloyds Pharmacy

Ok, dont panic summer is here! Think i never buffed, shaved or moisturized faster every part of my body so i can prance around in sandals and dresses this weekend. The stress!
Luckily Lloyds Pharmacy had me covered with a great selection of products meant to get anyone summer ready, sending me a couple of their must haves to protect and repair from sun damage.
The Nuxe SPF 30 was tested this weekend, for the second year around during our seaside picnic. Did i mentioned i got the cutest picnic basket ever in the House of Fraser Sale?…

The Super Spice: Five Health Benefits of Turmeric

There is a real buzz around Turmeric lately, the bright spice that usually flavors Asian foods and Indian curry. Not only it can enhance the taste of a dish, but it appears it can make you healthier. Turmeric has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and finally modern medicine and research has proven that indeed, the orange spice is a real aid in healing.
Pukka is my favorite brand when it comes to natural, herbal teas. And im not just saying this, but their Three Mint tea saved me when i was pregnant easing the painful heartburn and the Night Time helps me to unwind after a day full of baby tantrums….

My Health Story: Living With Underactive Thyroid

Many of you may not know this about me, i have a under active thyroid condition. And why should you know this about me? Its honestly not a big deal. I usually manage it well, i just have to take a little tablet daily, every morning before breakfast, for the rest of my life.
Recent events made me write this post, i felt my symptoms were swept under the carpet by my GP and i felt i struggled getting help after i had my little girl. You see, if i felt unwell during pregnancy was because of the pregnancy and now,…

Giveaway! WIN The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Range

The Body Shop Vitamin E range is one of those cult products that were with the brand from their very beginnings. Aimed at a young skin, suitable for all skin types because of the variety of textures – the Vitamin E skincare will plump, nourish and soften.
Two brand new products joined the range – a hydrating Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion that activates the skin and enhances the properties of the moisturiser and a SPF 30 Vitamin E Moisturising Emulsion that will protect the skin and give 48H hydration.
Biofermented hyaluronic acid has been added to all the products to ensure a long lasting hydration and moisture….

That New Look Floral Bomber Jacket

We had a gorgeous Saturday this week, as you well know im living for the weekend these days. Nothing recharge our batteries than a couple of days spent with our little family: playing with Sophia, going for walks or eating yummy food. If we can do all of these whilst enjoying a warm sunny day, life is really good!
As of late i have become quite obsessed with New Look, specially with their online site. The shopping experience is great, i can browse the clothes in peace and the delivery is super fast. If they trow in a sale or a discount code,…

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love reading Monthly Beauty favorites posts and as much as i would love to do them every month, i just seem to forget or to have the same favorites a couple of consecutive months. So from time to time, i will just do a roundup of things i love – being beauty, fashion or the latest meal i’ve enjoyed.
For the last few months, when it comes to skincare and general beauty regime, im all about oils and nourishing cremes. I seem to be forever dehydrated and need extra help to combat dryness….

New Benefit Hoola Collection

My first dabbing into contouring was with the Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer, i remember watching YouTube videos and at the time, it was all the rage to use Hoola to contour your features. It was rightfully hyped: the neutral tones are flattering on everyone, its matte and smells gorgeous. This on top of a super cute packaging and a brush that i actually use to contour my cheeks.
Cue several years later and the range has expanded with Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer – an instant, soft matte liquid bronzer for the face,…

New Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection

The Clarins summer collection is a firm favorites each year, they bring fun visuals and great products to play with. Their bronzers in particular are just beautiful, huge compacts that mix different shades for that perfect summer glow – i still have the one i’ve used for my wedding day three years ago (see it here).
I’ve heard about their famous Lip Comfort Oils (€21) before, just dint have the chance to try them until now. Available in three shades and flavors – honey, raspberry and red berry, the lip oils nourish the lips, add shine and comfort….

Updating My Wardrobe: New Look Spring Haul

Shop White Lace Dress

Shop Floral Bomber
Shop Black Suedette Sandals
Shop White Crepe Top
I was saying on Snapchat a while ago (add me – that i have saved some money during my pregnancy to treat myself to a new wardrobe. I kept waiting for the last three months to lose all the weight i’ve accumulated, somehow thinking ill just snap back to my previous figure in no time. Well the scale is still stuck to the same number and i was wearing the same jeans and sweatshirt for far too long,…

New Bioderma Hydrabio Skincare Range

We often say ‘my skin feels really dry’ when in actual fact we are dealing with dehydration. What is the difference? Dehydration mean loss of water, whilst dryness means loss of lipids. This means that if we apply a rich in oils/lipids moisturiser on a dehydrated skin it can lead to blocked pores or breakouts. At least this is what happens to my face.
Bioderma has recently launched in Ireland the Hydrabio skincare range aimed solely for dehydrated skin. Starting off with a hydrating Hydrabio Micellaire Cleansing Water to cleanse and remove makeup, following up with the Hydrabio Serum to boost hydration and radiance and sealing it all with one of the Hydrabio Moisturisers  –…