Beauty Nutrition | Beauty Supplements

Beauty Nutrition is not a new thing, we all know that if you have a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality protein and fats your skin and general appearance will be at optimum levels. How many of us wake up with spots after a greasy takeaway or puffy eyes after a drinking session? So its a known fact that eating healthy equals looking and feeling at your best.
How about beauty supplements then? Here is the controversy. Some people say that they are a waste of money and all they do is to create expensive pee….

Tried and Tested | Kiehls Face Masks Review

This year i have developed quite the obsession with Kiehls products. And whats not to like? Amazing skincare that works, affordable, regular 20% off sales a couple times a year and loads of samples when i purchase. No wonder i got hooked!
The whole love affair actually started with a face mask – i just finished my Glam Glow Mud mask (review here) and whilst i liked it, i just couldn’t justify spending another €60 on it. So i decided to pop my Kiehls cherry and get the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask which was €25 and came in a bigger size too,…

New MAC Makeup Services in Terminal 1 Dublin Airport #AD

The MAC counter in Terminal 1 Dublin Airport has recently launched in July, alongside a beautiful new spacious layout – a Service Menu to treat and delight their customers. From now on, you can book an appointment with a Mac Makeup Artist before your trip, by ringing the numbers below and avail of their two fantastic service offers: a Focus Feature Lesson in 30 minutes for €25 (redeemable against Mac product purchased at the appointment) or an Express Makeup Application in 30 minutes for €25 (redeemable against Mac product purchased at the appointment).
I was kindly invited to try the services,…

H&M Best Sale Buy | The Full Midi Patterned Skirt

H&M Skirt – link! Its on sale in stores for €18, but full price online for €39.99.
I actually wanted desperately to buy this H&M skirt while it was full price, searching the internet and in stores for my size just to be told that ‘no, computer said no. none in stock‘. Until one day i was just browsing in Dundrum and there she was, waiting for me in my size and best of all, on sale. I mean, there were all the sizes available and on sale, so i suppose the Retail Gods just didn’t want me to spend my cash on a full price item….

The Daily Face | New Makeup

You know when you get so bored of your current makeup routine, nothing works anymore and everything makes you feel and look blah? That’s the perfect time when you switch it all up and rehaul it all. Yep, i digged out all my new products that were waiting to be reviewed and used, but because i wanted to finish off my old stuff never seen the light of day. Am i the only one who HAS to finish off something first so they can use a new product? As it happens it takes me absolute ages to finish off anything,…

Baby and Body 6 Months Update | Sophia Alexandra

I have been meaning to do regular updates on Sophia’s development and mine since the begging, but somehow time flew and i found myself with a six month old baby. It still feels like i just had Sophia, yet weirdly like she was with us our whole lifes.
Because im one of them people who frantically google baby development posts, just to reassure myself that i haven’t ‘broke’ my baby and shes on chart with everybody else, i’ve decided to insert some snippets of Sophia’s development and hopefully reassure some other mums. If you aren’t that interested in baby stuff i apologies profusely,…

Brows by Benefit – The New Brow Collection Review

Probably the biggest Benefit launch of this year, as if it wasn’t enough that they were reshaping brows all around the world with their popular Brow bars – now Benefit has launched a brand new, extensive collection of brow products. Everything from brow conditioners, pomades, skinny or fatter brow pencils, brow gels… literally everything you need or you didn’t know you needed for your brows, Benefit has it covered.
Benefit has kindly sent me four of their new brow products in my shade to test and create my perfect brow: BrowVo Conditioning Primer, Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Gimme Brow and Ka-Brow!…

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

I said im not going to buy the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. I have a million highlighters, don’t need a whole new face palette full of them. So when i went in Space NK on Grafton Street for a browse i ended up getting it not even 5 minutes in store. The SA only had to show it to me, swatch on her hand i was sold. Its AMAZINGLY beautiful. My vocabulary is not rich enough in adjectives to help me properly sing this palettes praises.
The packaging is out of this world gorgeous –…

VIDEO| Beauty Haul: Kiehls, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca

Yes, another video haul! At least is Beauty for a change. Like i mentioned in previous posts, i have had money saved since last year to treat myself to some nice things after i had the baby. I debated between getting an expensive bag or hitting the high street sales hard in June and July. I choose the later and as the result i have daily deliveries of shiny new stuff. Materialistic me? Never!
Kiehls had one of their seasonal sales in Arnotts – i got loads of stuff last November during their sale so i was (im)patiently waiting for the summer one….

VIDEO | Fashion Haul Mango Sale and New Look

Ok i’ve done it, i have posted a YouTube video. Yes its cringe, i look like im presenting the RTE news (although wouldn’t mind channeling a bit of Anne Doyle’s finesse) and my vocabulary needs seriously improving. As i was saying on my snapchat ( if you fancy following me) put me in front of a camera, person or dog and im blubbering mess. Talking is not really my forte when im uncomfortable, but is something i am willing to work on and master the art of conversation.
Anyway, back to the important stuff: the SALES have started!…