Sophia’s 1st Birthday! | Budget Friendly Things That You Will Need During Baby’s First Year

21st of January at 6.48 am we finally met our baby girl Sophia, two weeks overdue and weighting a mere 7 pounds despite my impressive bump. Seriously it was ridiculously big.
I don’t think i will ever forget those two days of labor and delivery – the emotion, the nerves and the excitement. When it was all over, i remember me and my husband cuddled in bed with this tiny little person just starring in silence, our heart bursting with love and feeling so excited to start our new life in three. Im still chuckling when i reminiscence –…

Bravura London Chemical Exfoliators and Skincare Review

I suppose it is kinda late now for a Happy New Year, but here you have it – my first post of 2017. Starting off confessional style, its been almost three months since my last post. Three months of house renovation, baby sickness, long retail working hours and countless moving boxes, we finally made it to the other end in one piece.
During all this hectic time, one thing remained a constant: my new skincare routine. Since i got sent the Bravura chemical exfoliators and skincare range i remained diligent to the system. One must have something to hold on in stressful times and for me it was my chemical exfoliators….

Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial with 4th Avenue Salon Ballsbridge Review

You might be surprised to hear that i have never had a facial before. Like ever! I always thought that if im doing my research, i use good cosmetics and i am diligent with my routine, i just don’t need that one hour appointment with a facialist. Boy was i wrong!
I was invited to try a Crystal Clear Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facial with 4th Avenue Salon in Ballsbridge, an hour long treatment that buffs the skin, polishes and gets rid of signs of aging, fatigue and pigmentation.
Firstly, what is Dermabrasion, you might ask?…

The Zara Haul | Skinny Jeans, Leather Jacket and Studded Backpack

No clothing store in the world has the power to lift my spirit and make me want every single garment like Zara can do. My husband is still surprised i haven’t insisted on naming the baby after them, as my love is so strong.
I didn’t plan on buying anything, every week or so i go in and stroke the pretty clothes like a weirdo and make mental notes of what to get when ill be skinnier/ richer/ have somewhere to go. Except this weekend i caught a glimpse of the way i looked in the mirror –…

The French Pharmacy Skincare Haul

There is no secret that i am a big fan of french skincare, most of my favorite brands have been created and developed by french scientists and oh boy, they seem to know what they are doing.
In the recent years we seen more and more french products being available in Ireland – like Bioderma and Uriage just to name two, but with limited lines. I mean did you know that Bioderma has a very vaste line of anti pigmentation, anti aging or hydration products? Or that Vichy does one of the best anti cellulite products that i have ever tried….

ASOS Autumn Wishlist

With the Sterling being at an all time low (currently £1 = €1.14), its rude not too raid ASOS for some new Autumn/Winter basics. My wardrobe is lacking one essential thing: jumpers and long sleeve tops. Its bursting with basic Tees and tank tops thank to some successful summer sale finds, but sure there no good to me now.
This is basically everything that is in my Saved on Asos basket, i already bought two of the jumpers (this and this) during the 50% off sale (link!) which combined with the low pound, it proved to be a very advantageous transaction for my very poor wallet….

The Happiness Boutique Minimalist Delicate Earrings

The Happiness Boutique is the answer to my minimalist, dainty jewelry craving that would be high quality yet still kind to the purse. If in my younger years i was covered in heavy chandelier earrings and statement necklaces, now im more drawn to delicate pieces with an understated design.
When they asked me to choose two pieces of jewelry to review it was hard, really hard. There is so much to choose from! Necklaces, bracelets, ear cuffs…oh all the possibilities!
The shipping was fast, the earrings are such a great quality and i haven’t stopped wearing them since….

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is going from strength to strength as a brand, releasing hit after hit, with the new Modern Renaissance Eyeshadows Palette leading the game. If you rummage trough my daily makeup bag, probably more than half of the stuff will be from Anastasia: Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil, Brow Pomade, Cream and Powder Contour and now Eyeshadows. I should just get a direct debit set up at this stage…
Its sold out everywhere, so you might need to join the CultBeauty waiting list – here.
Packaged in a pink velvet case, very similar to the first Urban Decay Naked palette,…

Affordable Beauty | Lidl Cien Makeup Line Review

Lidl has launched at the end of June this year a comprehensive Cien makeup and haircare line, coming as an addition to their already popular skincare and body care. Keeping with the high quality products at a minimal cost, now you can get your full face done for under €20 – even less. Everything costing between €1.99 and €3.99, a pick me up treat has never been so affordable.
I got to try a couple of products and got to play with them for the last few weeks, trying to make up my mind if quality can be achieved with a low price point….

Baby and Body 7 Months Update | Sophia Alexandra

Ok, we are seven months old. When did it happen? We just blinked and zoomed trough a madness of nappies, bottles and worries to a seven month old baby who eats real food, chats and plays with her toys. Well, when im saying plays i mean chews her toys. Sometimes she even gets cross with Sophie the Giraffe or Princess Agnes and bites them with her gummy gums even harder.
So whats new when you are a seven months old baby?
Sophia is discovering her voice every day which translates in screaming sessions. Like screaming from the top of her lungs and then laughing in delight….