New Year Resolutions

2015 will be…


1. The Year Of The Brow

Anastasia Brow

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Im waiting impatiently for payday (i get payed after Christmas, insert sob fest here) to raid for some Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products. Im talking the whole shebang: brow serum in the hope of fuller brows and less gaps, the cult Brow Wiz pencil in Soft Brown for fine tune definition and a Dip Brow Pomade plus Brush for the ultimate brow perfection.

Next year i want to step up my brow game even further, i am also considering embroidery after seeing great results on some of my favorite bloggers (check out Sinead’s awesome brows here and Kat’s here), but until then i will probably go for the less invasive option like an appointment with the best brow specialist in Dublin – Kim O’Sullivan (see her work here). Kim can transform even the most sparse set of brows into full, natural and defined, creating arches where there was nothing before. A true artist!


2. The Year of Chiseled Cheekbones

Sculpted, Defined and Contured Cheeckbones

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Every time when i contour my face and basically, just make more of an effort with my makeup i get complimented. This of course, stuck on and didn’t go unnoticed, which resulted in a contour and define wish list worth a months rent. I convinced myself that its more economically sensible to get the Charlotte Tillbury Face and Body Sculpt and Highlight set (€224!), it has a full size brush included and the best sellers Film Star Bronze and Glow, Supermodel Body and Wonder Glow. When you think about it, its really a bargain!

I had the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate on my wish list for ages, almost ordered it once but then feared i wont be able to use it. Being a cream contour i probably need a bit more practice and skill before showing my face in public, im envisioning unblended mucky patches on my cheeks. Ill make it my mission to make it work!

Hourglass Ambient Lights has been on my mind since the launch, it was the thought of splashing €69 on a powder that kept me away. Well im definitely biting the bullet in 2015, everybody and i mean EVERYBODY i’ve asked has been raving about it. Plus its cheaper on Net-a-porter, currently €54 so it must be a sign!


3. The Year of The Perfect Photo


Best Blogging Lens

I always buy all my Camera Equipment from

Photography is a passion of mine that i’ve developed trough blogging, looking back on my Archives i can see how my skills have evolved and my style changed for the better. Of course i have a long way to go and to make this site better, i want to learn and practice more in the hope of achieving the Perfect Photo.

Im still in love with my Canon 600D that i’ve got three years ago, it has been the ideal companion for an amateur like myself. I finally decided on my next investment lens – i want to get the 60mm for Macro shots (close ups of makeup, details) and the 85mm for Portrait type of photography.

Lighting is something i kept putting last on my list, not only its expensive -£100 but its awful big and bulky. Ill have to just make room and bite the bullet, its so important to have proper light and also to have the luxury of taking photos no matter if its day or night.

This is me so far (!), im curious to hear what is on your wishlist for 2015.

Merry Christmas!