New eyebrows routine – how to give shape to thin eyebrows

I’ve been playing around with my eyebrows, needed to find a good makeup routine to fill them in. Because i have a ‘touch’ of alopecia going on, my eyebrows have become sparse and thin. I still thread them once a month, although they are thin i need to have a proper shape to work on.

This is how they look on a daily basis:

These are the steps that im using to deal with my problem:

  1. Thread/trim/pluck your eyebrows to give them a good shape. Because im useless at it, i always leave it for the professionals.  Ive used The Body Shop’s threading services in store (€12) and Clerys Wink Threading (€10), been happy with both.
  2. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the shape. Im using the Lancome pencil (02) or the Mac one (Spiked), both are good just the Mac annoys me because its hard to twist. You can get eyebrow stencils to play around with different shapes.
  3. After you drawn the shape, fill it in with an eyebrow powder using an angular brush. I’m using the Smashbox powder in Taupe with the Smashbox Eyebrow Slanted Brush. Other great powders you can find at Sleek or Clarins.
  4. Use a champagne/vanilla highlighting eyeshadow under the outer corner of the brows to highlight the shape. Im using Smashbox Eyeshadow in Fizz.

Pictures of the products are in my January Favorites, so you can have a look here.

I am very aware that they don’t look perfect (yes, i know they are a bit far away), but im trying to do the best of an awkward phase of my life. Im optimist that it will pass, but until then i will be playing more with makeup :).

If you have any tips or tricks, share them bellow in the comments.

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  1. February 8, 2012 / 1:59 pm

    the eye brows look good, good job… I love thick eybrows, found they always look more youthful and then this ones!
    xxx Marina

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