New Products from The Body Shop

As part of the ‘Beauty with Heart’ collection, The Body Shop brought out some lovely new skincare products and created a summer makeup collection with Lily Cole.

First of all, the body butters have a brand spanking new packaging that is 100% recyclable. The design and photography seems sleeker than before, focusing on the main ingredient (strawberry, almond etc) and they minimized the word count to just the essential. My favorite ever body butters are moringa, lemon, satsuma, almond and Brazil nut.

New Beautifying Oils, available in the most popular scents to moisturize the body, hair and face. Having as main ingredient the nut oil and being 99% made of natural ingredients, this product is a dry oil that will seductively perfume your body while providing hydration and nourishment. So far i used it on my hair (hair ends) and on my body, love how soft and fragranced my skin gets. Also this oil type looks great on a tan during the summer, adding that desirable supermodel shine and radiance.

New Body Mists – this spray will probably become a real cult product amongst teenagers and the younger clientele alike. Available in loads of yummy scents (cocoa, moringa, strawberry, lemon etc) this will lightly scent the body and act like a skin tonic. Honestly, i would’ve preferred this to come in a plastic container and not in a glass one and also, its not really my thing, as i don’t really want to smell like strawberry all day long. Nevertheless, this is a great budget buy as a first perfume for a very young person.

New Lily Cole Makeup Collection – this is the new summer collection, developed closely with TBS’s new spoke person and activist Lily Cole. Beside the usual lip glosses and shimmery cubes in novelty colors (pretty lilacs), three new innovative products were launched.

The Lip & Cheek Dome in pink and coral will lightly add a tint, whilst looking very natural. Unfortunately on my skin, the coral one barely shows and i have to add another powder blush on top. On the lips it feels very comfortable and hydration, but again pigmentation is barely there. Surprisingly, this is Lily’s favorite product but i suppose she is a lot paler than i am.

New Pearl Radiance Primer – the answer of Twilight shimmery skin. Im joking of course, this primer comes in very cute pink pearls packaging that have to be worked into the skin to disperse. Again, im not mad into this as it has a shimmer and sparkling bits so i would definitely not use it all over. Instead, if you apply it on your cheek bones and decolletage this primer will add a beautiful glow on the skin.

New Lip Balms – probably one of my favorite product from their new releases. I wasn’t ever a fan of TBS lip balms, they seemed too waxy for my liking and not moisturizing enough. Well, these new babies are the complete opposite! I have the plum one, apparently designed for a mysterious lady (yeah that’s me lol) and i constantly have it in my pocket to refresh during the day. Very hydrating, non sticky and gives a great shine and tint to lips. I say tint, but it has almost a medium buildable color so great alternative to a gloss or chopstick.

Have you tried anything from TBS yet? How did you find their products? xo

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  1. kate
    June 18, 2012 / 10:02 pm

    ooh, lipbalm looks so good! disappointed by the dome though, really want a dupe for the limited edition shu uemura ones 🙁

  2. Andreea
    June 18, 2012 / 10:08 pm

    Totally recommend the lip balm and the beauty oil, would give the dome a miss and save for shu 🙂

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