My Top 5 Body Lotions

IMG_9960 IMG_9964 I only seem to use body lotion during the colder months, my skin gets drier and i tend to take more pampering long baths than any other time of the year. There’s nothing that i enjoy more than to jump in fresh clean pajamas after a home spa, smelling all delicious.

To an untrained eye, body cream is just well…cream, an oil and water solution that will hydrate the upper level of the skin. For me though, beauty blogger extraordinaire and hoarder anonymous – body lotions are a whole lot more and my bathroom cabinet is usually over flowing with creams, having every occasion covered. So for each side of my personality, there is a matching body lotion!

The Bronzed Goddess – Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip *

IMG_9966 A brand new product from Marissa Carter, the lovely lady who brought us Cocoa Brown Tan, this gardenia scented lotion will ensure that your fake glow will last longer than usual. When you are fake tanning, is best to use an oil free moisturizer to make sure that the tan will not break down or go patchy. Chocolate Whip is ideal to be used before and after the whole process, making your skin retain color for much longer. Highly recommend!

The Sugar Addict – Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

IMG_9968 When im usually on one of my ‘no sugar’ diet craze, this is the only treat that im allowing myself to indulge in. Sweet, delicious pistachio and vanilla will tone down the sweet cravings, whilst hydrating and softening the skin. Warning: worn in bed, will make the other half devour half of packet of digestive biscuits!

The City Girl – Ginger and Co Soft On You Daily Body Lotion *

IMG_9969 This body lotion is now permanently residing in my handbag, Soft on you is the perfect size for traveling/ commuting because i can use it on my arms, hands or any other visible body part for a quick injection of moisture. Love the texture, light and not sticky is ideal for warmer months as well and the scent is to die for!

The Disco Diva – L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

IMG_9973 My delicate cherry scented lotion is reserved for nights out or summer walks, as it has a beautiful shimmering sheen that enhances the smoothness of the skin. The scent is not overpowering so i can wear any perfume i like and my skin feels silky soft. Looks amazing in photos on the upper arms and collar bone, so get one for the party season.

The Purist – Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

IMG_9975 When im in need of major hydration because my skin feels like falling out, the no nonsense body butter from Clinique comes to rescue. No fragrance and allergy tested, Deep Comfort will restore the balance of my skin and sooth any irritation. Love to use it on my legs and feet, i tend to wear tights all year round so i need some heavy duty hydration.

Which is your favorite body lotion, im always on the look out of a new one 🙂 xo.

*PR Samples.

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