Two Days on Nupo Brick System Diet

Nupo The Brick System Review Two Days on the Nupo Diet System Review

Nupo is a meal and diet replacement low calorie program for slimming, which replaces your regular meals with pre-packed bars, shakes or soups. You can either choose to embark on a full diet replacement and only eat the Nupo¬† products for each meal of the day (6 portions – 4 shakes and 2 soups) OR you can replace certain meals – let’s say breakfast, lunch and snacks will be Nupo and have a healthy normal dinner made from the approved ‘brick’ list that you can find in the starter book.

I find the Nupo program very similar to the Celebrity Slim one, a meal replacement diet that i have used in the past to help me loose a pound or two before a holiday or important event.

I was sent two days worth of Nupo meal replacement products to test and this is how i got on:

Day 1:


6.30 am – Woke up, had a cup of green tea with the Breakfast Bar. I had to warm it for 5 seconds in the microwave as it was quite hard and it softened nicely. Im not a big breakfast eater so having a just a bar was fine, it tasted of oranges.

10.30 am – quite hungry, i had a Cafe Latte shake mixed with water. Not my favorite shake ever, but it helped me get trough the morning.

12.30 pm – for lunch i got the Spicy Thai Chicken soup and one of the Meal Bars. I was ravenous by this time. Im sorry to say that the soup wasn’t great, some of the bits failed to melt no matter how much i stirred. The Meal bar was ok, but i needed a proper lunch and not something sweet again. I finished my lunch feeling hungry, cranky and pitied by my colleagues.

18.30 pm – i should’ve gotten another snack – a shake before dinner time, but i got so busy with work that i didn’t get the chance. By this time i was shaking with hunger. Dinner consisted of soup for starter and chicken stir fry with vegetable and rice.

Day 2:


There was no day 2!

Overall, yes you would lose weight with the Nupo system. But if you can restrict yourself to just the meal replacement sachets and bars, you can restrict yourself by not eating junk. This is a crash diet and while it is fine before a big event, lets say your dress feels a bit tight and you need to get rid of the bloat, its not sustainable on the long run. Well, im not a specialist in nutrition and that’s just my personal opinion.

There are no shortcuts for loosing weight unfortunately, its down to hard work and perseverance. A clean diet and exercise, topped up with a positive mind will get you there.

Have you tried Nupo before? Would love to hear what you think of meal replacement diets, do they work or not?

*PR Sample. I am not a nutritionist, all opinions my own.

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  1. March 16, 2015 / 7:53 am

    I did this for a couple of weeks and while I did lose a little bit of weight I think it had more to do with other habits I adopted at the same time; the coffee shake and Thai soup were my favourites though! I added coffee granules to the shake and chilli to the soup.

  2. Andreea
    March 16, 2015 / 8:05 am

    Great tips Emma! This diet just wasn’t for me, I know that it works due to the small caloric content and general common sense restrictions. I just missed normal food consistency :).

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