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Irish Beauty Blog Ok, we are seven months old. When did it happen? We just blinked and zoomed trough a madness of nappies, bottles and worries to a seven month old baby who eats real food, chats and plays with her toys. Well, when im saying plays i mean chews her toys. Sometimes she even gets cross with Sophie the Giraffe or Princess Agnes and bites them with her gummy gums even harder.

So whats new when you are a seven months old baby?

Sophia is discovering her voice every day which translates in screaming sessions. Like screaming from the top of her lungs and then laughing in delight. Its truly marvelous, specially if you are sound asleep at 6am. The neighbors are huge fans.

We are still great night sleepers *touch wood, light a candle*, 7 pm is our downtime hour and after dinner we either have a bath (every second night) or we just get straight in our clean pj and get into the cot. Sophia is sleeping in her Ikea cot since she was two months old, we have it in our bedroom as its easier to check on her during the night. Plus she is delighted in the mornings when she is spotting our reaction to her singing trough the cot bars.

The weaning went very well, she is having three main meals, a snack and two/sometimes three milk bottles trough the day. We are at stage 2 weaning (soft lumps) and again, to get her used too, we found the organic jars and pouches a god sent. We used them at the beginning of the weaning too so she can get used to the texture and then we got her on homemade meals. I think her favorite meal is breakfast – she seems to love porridge and fruit.

Lifestyle Irish Blog Sophia is still crawling backwards, but now we mastered the skill of getting into sitting position from a tummy time one. Its funny actually that her favorite way of observing the world is while on her tummy, considering that in the first four months she would cry constantly when put on her belly. We have started now to help stay on her two feet in upright position and she seems to be loving it. This after i got a major scare going to the nurse for the 7 month check up and Sophia refused to stay on her two little legs which resulted in a referral to the physio for a checkup to her hips. In my opinion a tad dramatic, considering that Sophia was born with no hip issues and she was obvious upset – shes in the stranger danger phase. Of course we will go to the appointment just to be on the safe side, but i feel i lost two nights worrying and searching online about hip conditions with babies.

Size wise she is still petite, long and slim just like a supermodel. She can fit in under six months clothes in certain brands or in the 6-9M in others. There is so much choice to dress her, her wardrobe is growing at a ridiculous speed considering she wont get to wear the clothes for much longer. We got her weighted and she is 15.7lbs which isnt the ideal weight on the charts for seven months, but is certainly an ideal size and proportion for Sophia. I find percentile confusing and more of a guidance than a rule. Im torn between the nurses who are telling me to fatten her up and her GP who sais she is perfect and more fat wont be a deal breaker in her development.

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How is life seven months post-partum?

If you read my blog for while you will know i have a thyroid condition and after i gave birth my thyroid went into a spiraling storm. Its called postpartum thyroidits and its certainly no fun. I went trough a hyperactive state for a couple months when i thought im losing my mind with anxiety and now im back into the underactive state, which means a lot of tiredness but no more emotional imbalance. My GP is still trying to sort out my medication, im again on a new dose so fingers crossed this works.

Hair wise im doing well, have loads of baby hairs popping out everywhere even in places i didnt even noticed i lost it. Brows and lashes are gone, not one eyelash left which upsets me no end when im doing my eye makeup. Plus my eyes seem to get irritated much easier since there is no barrier to protect them. I made an appointment for embroidery for the end of October, im so looking forward not to look like an alien without my brow pencil.

Weight is still pretty much on, haven’t lost any of my pregnancy pounds but somehow my shape seems to be proportionate enough. Its my own fault really, i would go trough days of healthy eating just to ruin it with chips and chocolate at the weekends. Plus ive never been so sedentary in my life – my back is shambles so things are a touch difficult for me now.

I know, moan moan moan.

The reason why im writing all this is because i feel social media portraits a pregnancy recovery to be so easy, just snapping back to your original state, juggling away feeds and nappies whilst on high heels and crop tops. It wasn’t in my case, i find it hard to get back to my original health state and still am struggling seven months later.

Month 8, bring it on!

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  1. Melanie
    August 28, 2016 / 11:59 pm

    Well, I think you’re amazing, keep up the good work ❤ melanie

    • Andreea
      August 29, 2016 / 12:57 pm

      Thank you lovely x

  2. September 1, 2016 / 7:02 am

    Sophia is absolutely beautiful! I wouldn’t worry about her hips – I remember a nurse telling my sister in law that my nephew was deaf and he wasn’t – he got gromits but never actually had a problem with his hearing! They can be quite alarmist! xx


  3. Andreea
    September 1, 2016 / 8:41 am

    We already got the all clear, there is nothing wrong with her hips thank goodness. On one way i rather the nurses be vigilant and look for issues, but on the other hand I lost a week of no sleep and worried sick. She was just upset during her checkup and refused to perform :).

  4. September 6, 2016 / 1:45 pm

    Ah Andreea, I remember it felt like I WOKE up from a different state of mind when tom was either 1 or just after his first birthday.

    That year for me was like I didn’t exist and everything was for him. (As it should be… Mostly)
    I’m still alt least 20 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant (shamed face – eh 5 years later…) something I am working on the last few months fiercely.
    But like you would I change any of it … NO WAY xx
    Hopefully see you tomorrow night at Littlewoods xx Siobhan

  5. May 24, 2017 / 8:58 pm

    Hey, I just stumbled across your blog and this post by accident today and I can see this post is already a bit older, but I wanted to drop you a line anyway to encourage your honesty. Writing post-partum reviews and leaving the bad parts out just to comply to this “culture” of “everything must be great always” just wouldn’t make any sense! So, thank you and all the best!

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