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With the Sterling being at an all time low (currently £1 = €1.14), its rude not too raid ASOS for some new Autumn/Winter basics. My wardrobe is lacking one essential thing: jumpers and long sleeve tops. Its bursting with basic Tees and tank tops thank to some successful summer sale finds, but sure there no good to me now.

This is basically everything that is in my Saved on Asos basket, i already bought two of the jumpers (this and this) during the 50% off sale (link!) which combined with the low pound, it proved to be a very advantageous transaction for my very poor wallet. The secret is to not forget to change the currency of your basket, you wont be sorry!

Im currently coveting some basics tops with a twist. I tend to go for grey as it goes with everything and its easy to add accessories and up style it, without looking too busy – just look at this plain light knit with star elbows. The hot pink sequin jumper is next on the list, just imagine it with a black skirt or jeans and a camel coat. Its so bright and fun! I need another stripe top, they are an addiction and necessity at the same time. If everything fails, go for stripes! Also this frill denim shirt, very casual yet just add a set of pearls and tuck it in a skirt and voila a chic outfit.

What are you essentials for autumn/ winter? I have about a billion coats and no jumpers…

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