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I‘ve been telling you on and on, that i truly love anti cellulite treatments. It could be because i am Romanian and it seems that we have a real interest as a nation when it comes to our body appearance, cellulite included. Trough out the years i’ve been trying loads of body treatments from Vichy, Clarins, Shiseido just to name a few, and they did work. Like i mentioned in previous posts, they work on skin tone and appearance and on localized stubborn fat. They kinda help to lift and just soften the cushions.

When i got an email from Collistar Beauty asking if i wanted to try some of their products, i was over the moon. I read reviews about Collistar for years and i was dying to try some of their comprehensive body treatments. They kindly offered a discount code too and right then and there my first order got placed.

A little bit about the brand: Collistar is a leading Italian beauty brand, a best seller for the last 14 years in almost the 40 countries that they are in. Collistar Beauty has a huge product range: makeup, skincare, body care, tans and haircare just to name a few.

I knew that their skincare and makeup is good and i also knew that their slimming body care is excellent. There are so many choices, textures and products to cater for different types of cellulite. That’s how i know a brand is keen on delivering results, when it breaks down the types of cellulite into grades and consistency. They work on stubborn cellulite (hello!), water retention, loss of firmness and help to redesign and compact the body shape, smooth and reduce localized fat deposits.

I have a couple of products already to play with and another two orders coming my way, i got a tiny bit excited and ordered everything with the 30% discount – including a brilliant anti cellulite mud to wrap myself with, aluminum free deodorant and two of their best selling cellulite creams, one with a hot action and one with a cold action. I am also cleaning up my diet, planning a gym membership and i will start using my Slendertone belt. Full of good intentions for the upcoming summer!

Discount Code for Collistar Beauty (link here)


I am not affiliated or payed, so rest assured i am only just a bit passionate about their products! However, i did get some of the products sent for review and payed for others myself. I will start testing the products and as soon i have a proper opinion formed and seen/not seen results i will post a review.

Have you tried anything from Collistar? What do i need?


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  1. April 13, 2017 / 6:13 am

    I haven’t tried any Collistar products but am looking forward to hearing how you get on with them so you can tell me what I need to buy! 😉 xx


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