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I am very late to the party, only earlier this summer i have discovered what cheap treasures they can have on their website. I was always admiring Sharon’s hauls (see her blog here), she usually got great trinkets, jewelry or kids toys for mere penneys so, with a project in mind – decorating Sophia’s room – i placed my very own first order. The rest as they say, its history!

I think its essential when shopping on Aliexpress to have a specific item in mind: in my case wall sticker decals, a swan and wooden lashes and to check the sellers reviews and product pictures from buyers. I only got one ugly parcel, not the sellers fault mind – i ordered two posters thinking they would come as printed paper and i received two plastic canvas sheets. Which it did say in the products description, i just didn’t understand what they meant by canvas.

The first item i have ordered was this swan head (link!), it took about six weeks to arrive in a padded envelope but it certainly was worth the wait. Considering the length of time being squished in, the lovely swan that we adoringly call Fionnula, wasn’t looking too disheveled. In about a week i managed to get the tulle looking right with no creases and her crown as majestic as it should. I paid $18 and it had free postage to Ireland at the time.

I wanted a pair of wooden lashes for Sophia’s cot and i was thrilled when i found my dream ones: glitter lashes! The quality is second to none, the glitter is not messy and it doesn’t come off and it was so easy to put up. They come in a variety of colors too! I paid $2.50 with free delivery and you can see them here.

Lastly, i managed to get some star decals to match Sophia’s curtains from Next (see my Next haul here) – they have sequin stars so i had this idea of getting her glitter star wall decals as accents. Initially i wanted to do the top border of the wall where her cot was, but i ordered too little for that size of a project. Instead it worked out even better, i created an accent feature with the wooden lashes and created a square border around the swan head. I still have a few to add around little pictures that i will hang up.

Because i kept changing my mind, i kept peeling the decals on and off and i can honestly say it didn’t damage them at all! They are amazing quality, come in two sizes and one lot means you get 6 sheets with 54 stars in total (in two sizes). You can order here. I got the copper version, but lots of other color options!

Still so much to do in her room, we will upgrade her in the next few months to a single bed so i will get a matching nightstand and im hoping a lovely pink armchair too. Well, we’ll see what space i have left to play with.

Let me know what other bargains i should check on Aliexpress, im placing another order next payday!


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