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You probably know this about me and my family: we absolutely love a day out around Dublin! Us Dubliners are so lucky to have the ocean and the mountains so reachable, only a short drive away from wherever you might live. If i am lucky not to be in work during the weekend, you can guarantee we will be planning a family day out and delicious lunch somewhere lovely.

In the last two years since we had Sophia, we didn’t venture that much outside Dublin as our little madam didn’t care about long drives, yet that didn’t stop us having local adventures. Some babies love the car journeys, whilst others just want to get outside exploring. We are the later.

I was reading trough the latest e-book brought out by Chill Insurance (see it here, its beautiful!), got major wanderlust and got inspired to show you our favorite places around Dublin for a family drive. I do recommend you having a browse trough the e-book, i personally got lots of inspiration for future day outs and hopefully next year, for some proper Irish adventures.

We recently went to Bray during our latest staycation and we loved it! Before becoming parents we would often do the Bray – Greystones scenic walk, stop for a pub lunch at the end and just take the Dart back to the car. The sea air recharges the batteries and you don’t even feel like you are exercising with so much beauty around. I am looking forward to bring Sophia there, both me and my husband are big into walking and hiking so hopefully she will enjoy it too.

As for now, Bray has a lot to offer for a family day out. We had a long stroll around the beach, picked up lots of stones to trow in the ocean, stopped for lunch and finished off with a playground session. Its a great place for a casual day off with the kids.

Malahide is another place we just love to drive too – the sandy beaches, the dunes, delicious restaurants and salty air… whats not to like. Every summer we go to Bull Island or around Malahide to have a beach day picnic, we pack up lots of food and sunscreen and just pretend we are in Costa del Dublin. We brought Sophia this year and she just adored every minute! Running around, chasing the water and playing (or eating) the sand. 

Dalkey is a place i am absolutely obsessed with, if we ever win the Lotto i am planning to buy a mansion on the seafront. Its probably my favorite drive, i just love to look at the houses and the up hill walk is perfect for bringing up a buggy. We always have trouble choosing what restaurant to eat in the village – they are all so cute and appetizing!

I would love to take the boat to the nearby island Monastery one day, it looks like the perfect place to take some scenic photos.
Glendalough is such a special place, full of history and beauty in the county Wicklow. Its constant full of tourist buses and you can see why: the place is incredible. We did the full walk twice in the last few years and i am absolutely itching to do it again one day as a family of three. Again its a perfect place to bring kids along, the fresh mountain air and picturesque views are great for an energy release and build on an appetite.

What are your favorite places to drive around Dublin, i am always looking out for new ideas!


*Collaborative Post with Chill Insurance.

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