2018 Goals

I do have to start this post stating that its my birthday today, Happyyyy Birthdaaaaayyyy to meee! I get ridiculously excited about my birthday each year, not that i do something spectacular to celebrate – usually i am home alone (or in this case having a tea party with Sophia) as everyone is back in work on the 3rd. And to be fair, i wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my own company, all the sales are in full swing, the weather is usually sh$%t which means cosy day in and i still have boxes of Celebrations stashed away in my cupboards. January birthdays are kinda awesome in my book!

Its also quite handy to have my birthday on the 3rd of January, takes a bit of the pressure of the New Year changes and resolutions – it gives me an extra three days to figure out my plan of action for the year ahead and mostly, it gives me time to eat and drink my way trough the leftovers. Im telling you, everyone should have a January birthday.

Every year on the first page of my new yearly diary (day per page, cant stand anything else) you will find my Goals for the year ahead. They keep me focused and with my eye on the prize. I keep my goals specific and achievable and give myself a measurable time frame for completion. I also keep my goals to a maximum of five, its not realistic otherwise to have pages of dozens of goals.

2018 GOALS

1. Continue to save money monthly. Every year i give myself a financial goal to complete, have a direct debit set up on the same day i get paid and vow to never touch the savings account unless there’s a real emergency (the Zara sale is not considered an emergency!). I have been saving since i was very young, so it just comes naturally to me. The last year was quite tough and scary financially, we just bought and renovated our home and all our savings were completely gone. Not only gone, but the credit card was maxed out and we had a loan to pay too. But with a lot of work, cutting down on luxuries and holidays, we managed to see the new year debt free and with some money saved for rainy days.

2. Go on Holiday! Its been three years since we’ve been anywhere: we had a baby, bought and renovated our home, paid off our debts and from this January, I have stepped down to only two days of work per week to look after our Sophia. Without all the work we did leading up to this, i wouldn’t been able to have the luxury of staying at home and looking after my child. To be completely honest we achieved so much that not going a week away to Portugal didn’t really bothered us at all when we looked at the bigger picture. That said the time for relaxation has come and we are ready for some fun abroad. We have already booked London for a long weekend to go to a family wedding, we need to bring Sophia to Romania to visit her grandparents and hopefully there’s something left for a sun holiday.

3. Start Driving. This is a BIG one for me that i keep putting off every year and never complete. I actually have a full driving licence since i was 18, did the lessons, strolled in and got my licence. Even the car and no claim bonus insurance is on my name! I just never actually needed to drive until now, the years have piled on and i get a panic attack only thinking to get behind the wheel. The plan is to take some driving lessons and ease myself into it, i really really really have to do it.

4. Do up the Garden and Spare Room. The house is almost complete, except for the back garden and the spare box room. I want to add some pathways, flower and veg beds, a barbecue and of course, a slide for Sophia. As for the box room, i need an extensible day bed for guests. Oh and i need a hallways table, a kitchen cabinet and to dress up the walls more. I suppose the house goal is never ending!

5. Get Laser Hair Removal. And maybe Botox. I kept saying for years i want to get this done and i think this year im going to go for it. Not convinced about Botox yet, although my resting bitch face is saying otherwise but laser hair removal for sure. Here’s to a hairless 2018!



This is a little side goal that im going to try to focus on and give it my all this year. Now that i only work weekends and Sophia is getting bigger, i can do a bit more during the day. Thank god for naps and screen time, that’s all im saying #motheroftheyear. Joke aside, i really love blogging and social media – its something that its completely mine, i can switch off and be myself, talking to my piers about things i like. I already bought a vlogging camera so im hoping ill do some YouTube videos soon and i already started to schedule blog posts and take an Instagram photo every day.

Thank you for all your support thorough out the years. Every like, comment and blog view makes me happy and its greatly appreciated.

Here’s to a healthy, successful and productive 2018!

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