Sophia Turns Two! | 10 Reasons Why My Second Year of Parenthood Was Awesome

My baby is TWO! This second year has been one of the best ones in my still new mommy career, overall i felt more confident and relaxed in my parenting choices and i didn’t triple question myself for every single thing like i did in the first year. Sophia changed so much as a healthy toddler would naturally, but its honestly mind blowing for me to think that 12 months ago she wasn’t even walking or talking and now shes running everywhere and is a proper chatterbox. Not to mention her personality developing and actually having proper laughs and games. Shes such a wonderful little girl!

  1. SLEEP. Yes, we all slept a lot better in the last year! Hurrah! No more night feeds or nappy changes, we were all blessed with relaxing eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sophia’s bedtime is usually around 8-8.30pm and she sleeps until 7am which is truly wonderful #blessed.
  2. Independence. Every month Sophia got more and more independent and enjoyed playing with her toys, which in return gave me time to do real meaningful jobs like washing the dishes or doing the hoovering.
  3. Shes eating! The first months of last year’s were real stressful because due to a combination of stomach viruses and teething, she wasn’t eating at all. She was following probably a supermodel diet of fresh air and misery, every time i was trying to feed her, it was ending on the floor. Now her appetite is good and shes enjoying most foods, specially if they are on my plate.
  4. Im more relaxed and patient. Obviously i had a lot of patience in the first year, but my nerves were gone. A combination of post natal anxiety and thyroid storm, on a background of sleep deprivation and major life events (we bought our home and renovated it) meant that i didn’t really savored and enjoyed that first year with my baby. Don’t get me wrong, i still google symptoms and freak out or i just call Mags and ask her advice if something is a bit off, but overall i chilled out a fair bit.
  5. I stopped reading baby books and im more realistic with my parenthood. Screen time? Bring it on! Five second rule of food on the floor? Sure its grand. Only organic home cooked meals? Im delighted if she eats anything, so it might as well be that chicken and fries in Nandos. There isn’t such thing as a perfect mother or a perfect child, im completely winging this motherhood and just like my black eyeliner flick, there are perfect days and there are disastrous ones. If at the end of it everybody is still alive, fed, watered and still speaking with each other, i think we did a good job.
  6. Going outside doesn’t mean i have to pack my whole kitchen. Its honestly such a refreshing change, there isn’t any more panic that she needs her bottle every two hours or her long naps. Now i just get some dry snacks – usually Organix puffs or bread sticks, some fruit, a water bottle and a nappy change and we are good to go. At a push i could pack it all in my handbag! So refreshing.
  7. I’m having fun. Sophia is such a cheeky, funny and loving little girl and we are having great fun in our little daily adventures (read going to the playground or the shops lol). Its hilarious to see her having a laugh when shes watching her cartoons or when shes trying to trick us. I felt the first year was like a machine operation of feeding, burping, changing etc so now that things are more chilled, we as a family are having a lot more fun playing together. I love to see her discover new things or interact with other kids, going to new places or eating out.
  8. I am being more productive. I really treasure the little alone time i have now and im getting things done! Im not just blankly starring at the tv after her bedtime, im ticking off the little jobs i have to do off my list. It brings me such joy and its good for my mental health when im managing to be productive. It could be doing a small DIY or just writing or editing a blog post, it feels good to get it done.
  9. We are both loving clothes, shoes and makeup. Enough said! Its so funny to see Sophia admiring herself in the mirror after i get her dressed and listening to her saying ‘wow mommy, this is NICE!’. New shoes are her cryptonite, she loves to get a new pair and wears it straight away. Suppose she didn’t lick it off a stone ha!
  10. Toddler toys are more fun than baby toys. Like way more fun! We have a kitchen, we do painting, feed baby Annabelle or play with our rocking unicorn – is this real life? I cant wait for a dolls house!

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet little girl!

PS. Sophia’s beautiful and delicious birthday cake was made as usual by my talented friend BakedbyChristina! See her Instagram here, you need to try her desserts!

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  1. January 22, 2018 / 6:25 pm

    What a great post! I’m laughing at you not reading baby books! I never read one… they’d make me obsessive 😝 happy 2nd Birthday to the lil Princess!

    • Andreea
      January 22, 2018 / 6:30 pm

      Yes i tried to read a couple and they made me feel sh¢§t about myself and get obsessive so nah, never again.

  2. Andreea
    January 22, 2018 / 9:59 pm

    Haha, point no.5 is giving me life, I question everything! All day, every day and I am honestly delighted to hear I ain’t alone 😁… Funnily enough your Sophia sounds A LOT like Evelyn, it’s like they’re twins no less!

    • Andreea
      January 22, 2018 / 10:26 pm

      We have to get them together this year for a playdate!!! We really must!

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