50 Wedding Guest Dresses for Under €100

50 Wedding Guest Dresses for Under €100

 50 Wedding Guest Dresses under €100

Wedding guest dresses Wedding guest dresses Wedding guest dresses

I am wearing Cath Kidston Dress from the Kildare Village Outlet (€24!) | Vivienne Westwood Shoes

Where to buy an exclusive wedding guest dress? When it comes to dressing for a wedding, i find it being both daunting and exciting. We all love to get dolled up and show off our style, but it can turn out to be a stressful quest to find the perfect outfit – usually a Monsoon dress –  that ticks off all the boxes, including the affordable budget one.

I’ve picked my favorite guest wedding dresses online, all bright and colorful perfect for summer weddings. Of course, all under the €100 mark. There is a lot of color, patterns and shapes, princess wedding dresses or modern. All you need is a pair of barely there sandals and you are ready to go.

Also, im a huge fan of wearing my clothes instead of hiding them in the closet so i was mindful in looking for styles that could be worn for other occasions too – for instance, i will totally going to wear my Cath Kidston dress that i wore to a recent London wedding with converse and a light denim jacket. Its just too pretty to let it gather dust in the wardrobe.

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Wedding guest dresses


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