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As much as i enjoy spring and summer and im longing for its arrival every year, the thoughts of a runny nose and itchy eyes that come with it really put a damper on things. It makes me look out for the best hay fever medication there is. As the nature blossoms back to life, the pollen counts reach a peek that can make life uncomfortable for some of us who are sensitive to it. I only started getting bad hay fever symptoms a couple of years ago, it gradually went from having an itchy runny nose to full on eye swelling and watering. It really made life painful and i didn’t enjoy going outside as much as i wanted too.

  • One in five Irish people suffer from hay fever.

  • 35% report problems with sleep as a result of allergies.

  • 35% said that allergies affect their mood.

  • 17% said that allergies prevent them in socializing and eating out.

  • 1 in 10 said allergies affect their driving

  • 84% said they don’t know what products could help with allergies.

In today’s post i want to share some top tips and products that will hopefully make life a lot easier this summer and help getting some hay fever and allergy relief. So what can you take for hay fever? From introducing supplements like Bio-Kult Probiotics into your diet to build up your immune system and more instant soothing remedies for dry eyes like the Hylo-Dual from Scope Healthcare. I also put the Hylo Dual eye drops to the test in the Botanical Garden during a warm sunny day to see how my eyes would behave and if it makes a difference.


Top Tips in Managing Hay-Fever and Pollen Allergy Relief This Summer


1. Health starts from within: increase your intake of beneficial bacteria and create an environment for the the bacteria to colonize and work for your benefit with the help of probiotics. Hay fever symptoms and inflammation take a toll on our immune system so its a good idea of strengthening and looking after our gut health.  70% of our immune system is located in our gut, its been proven time and time again that good health gut gives a better overall health and not only your hay fever symptoms are helped, but also digestion and overall wellness.

One way of helping the immune system is to incorporate a multi strain probiotic like the Bio-Kult into your diet. Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and there’s no need to refrigerate. The easiest way of doing so its either taking a capsule every day with a cold drink (heat destroys the probiotics) or for kids, just add a capsule or sachets into their smoothies.

Hayfever Boosting Smoothie recipe: kale, spinach, mango, banana, orange, almond milk and a capsule/sachet of Bio-Kult probiotics.

2. Herbal teas with natural anti-histamine properties like nettle, liquorice or peppermint are great of reducing inflammation in the body.

3. The natural antihistamine found in red onion, red apple, red cabbage and vitamin C also help.

4. Always have a shower and wash your hair before bedtime to rinse out all polen remains from during the day.

5. Eye Drops like Hylo-Dual are great at forming a barrier in front of the eye, preventing pollen’s from gaining access.

Hylo-Dual Hay Fever Eye Drops are specifically designed to relieve allergy related dry eye symptoms. The dual barrier forms a protective layer over the eye, protecting from nasties getting in that might cause itchiness, like dog hair or pollen. It also helps wash allergens from the eye for symptom relief.

One drop in each eye three times a day or more as needed, suitable for adults and kids over 6 years old. Preservative free, suitable for contact lenses and very easy application. The Hylo-Dual bottle can last up to six months from opening, which mean it could last you the whole summer – just make sure you write the date of the day you first opened it for reference. Hylo-Dual is available in pharmacies nation wide, retailing at €17.95.

For me personally, my eyes are the most affected by the hay fever. Im outdoor a lot, mainly in parks or farms as i have to entertain my two year old toddler. Im not going to lie, its rough: my eyes start watering instantly, they itch and become swollen. I was asked a couple of times if im ok, it was looking that bad. Wearing makeup, as much as i love it its futile – you will find smears of even the most waterproof mascara running down my cheeks and the black long lasting eyeliner is long gone.

I have taken the Scope Healthcare challenge and got all dolled up and went to the Botanical Garden. Because it was a warm spring day, at a peak pollen counts time I hoped that the Hylo-Dual eye drops will protect my eyes. I think the pictures below speak from themselves: i was comfortable, makeup stayed put and not a watery eye in sight! Its the best hay fever treatment! I honestly didn’t retouch my liner or reapplied once. I was parading trough the gardens and having a great time with Sophia without any hay-fever discomfort. I even got to smell the blossoms, we had a truly great day!

You can visit or their twitter @ScopeGroup1 for more information about the products.

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This is a Sponsored Post, thank you Scope Healthcare for partnering with us for this blogpost.

This is a Sponsored Post.

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