Summer Hair Care Essentials

Summer 2018 Hair Care Essentials

4 Summer Hair Care Essentials That Will Make Your Hair Look Great!

Summer 2018 Hair Care Essentials

I have rounded up for this post, four of the products that made a huge difference this summer to my hair. Summer hair care essentials, that wont break the budget yet still deliver fantastic results. I had so far a great summer: full of sun, humidity and chlorine which could’ve ruined my expensive bleached hair. So i have carefully selected the products that really stood out and helped me look my best.

Kerastase Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur

Summer 2018 Hair Care Essentials

The Kerastase Micro-Voile Protective Spray is the best addition to your holiday bag. It a very fine, dry and light oil mist that protects against sun damage and chlorine. You just spritz it into dry or on towel dry hair and style as usual. I found it a life saver during my pool and beach trips as i felt my hair protected, soft and helped to prevent tangles. I usually spray it on dry hair, brush trough and have a high bun or plait. Also one bottle will last you years!

Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream for Medium Hair

Summer 2018 Hair Care Essentials

I am quite a low maintenance kind of girl and in the summer i love to just air dry my hair. Usually it doesn’t end up looking too well, instead of wavy tresses i get a frizzy birds nest. Nobody wants that! This summer however i came across the Redken Just Right Cream that was made for days when you are air drying your hair. I just wash as usual, comb trough to detangle and then i apply the cream on the lengths of my hair. Up in a loose bun and i can go on about my business. The result is tousled curls without the dreaded frizz.  I got the medium formula – there are available Fine and Thick hair options.

Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid

Summer 2018 Hair Care Essentials

I love the idea of salt sprays, creating that beachy summer cool vibe. The reality is that some of them can give crunchy hair that ends up tangled and crispy. The Redken Beach Envy Volume Spray has somehow avoided the crispy feeling and delivered lots of root volume. Its salt free formula can really create some bouncy volume. I spray it liberally on towel dried hair on my roots and then style as usual. If i im curling my hair i would spray some on the lengths of my hair too, to give a bit more texture and grip. I love the shampoo and conditioner in the range too, fab if you are looking for more volume and texture.

L’Oreal Techni Art Fix Anti Frizz

Summer 2018 Hair Care Essentials

Frizz is probably the middle name of the 2018 summer, the humidity has given everyone Monica from Friends vibes. To prevent the halo of baby hairs rising up, i bought the L’Oreal TechiArt Fix Anti Frizz hair spray. Not only it holds on the curls, it prevents them dropping and protects against humidity. Its fantastic! The mist is fine and i tend to use it even when i wear my hair straight. It keeps the baby hair frizz at bay for 24 hours and it protects against sun damage too. If you are done with the hair style, it can be easily brushed trough.

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