5 Reasons Why I’m Ready For My Kid To Start Playschool

ready for my kid to start playschool Its Back to School season!

I am so ready for my kid to start playschool. The fresh start and excitement that a new school year brings, i for one was one little girl who always looked forward to it. I got to get new clothes, fresh notebooks and got to hang out with my friends all day. Plus i always liked learning and liked most of my classes.

Thankfully, we still have a long way to go until big school starts for Sophia – my two and half (technically 8 months) little girl. And i do hope time would slow down and let us enjoy every stage together. However, we are starting playschool this year. How very exciting!

Honestly, the excitement is more of a roller-coaster of emotions. It varies from being excited for her to socialize and get a tiny bit of independence away from me, to full on mum guild and nervousness of having her out of my sight for four hours. Crazy! So, as always when i get anxious i decided to put on paper, or in this case the internet.

ready for my kid to start playschool

Here are five reasons why i am excited for Sophia to start playschool

1. New Playschool Wardrobe.

I am very aware that i am still in the honeymoon period with ‘back to school’ shopping as there are no books, uniforms or other expensive extras to pay for. However, we are forking out the equivalent of half of our mortgage every month in playschool fees so its not all roses. Despite this, i am giddy with the perspective of new wardrobe additions and outfits of the day. With all the shops bursting of new A/W collections, im like a kid in a candy store! Zara, H&M and Marks and Spencer have some really lovely affordable collections at the moment.


2. A Fresh Start.

The start of a new season is a fresh start in itself, just as January is the official kick starter. September is a new chance for turning things around and make a change. Im planning to clear out my wardrobe, spruce out the house and get into a new routine. Might even get a family calendar to mark the occasion!


3. More quality time one on one.

This is one of the main reasons why we decided to enroll Sophia into play school a year early. Those four hours free in the morning will allow me to do all the house chores, cooking and all the other boring things that i need to do. Despite of being a stay at home mum Monday to Friday (i work weekends) i don’t always feel i give her my full attention. The washing needs to be done, the house cleaned and somebody needs to have the dinners ready. Also im not sure how many hairdresser or dentist appointments a toddler can take! So the plan is to sort out all the boring grownup things while shes having a nice time in playschool and then we can have even more fun together.

4. We both love structure.

I really love a schedule and planning out my day, if im not busy i get lazy. I also find that a good routine makes Sophia thrive. She loves to know whats going on during the day. Of course, nothing is regimented and we have plenty of free time but having a daily schedule will make everything much easier for both of us.


5. I will get some alone time.

Yes, i said it. And i do feel guilty writing these words down. But at the same time, between working weekends and looking after our family during the week i never get alone time. And i think it will be good for me and my family to get some sort of balance.

ready for my kid to start playschool

Are you excited for back to school? Its going to be great!

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