10 Things I’ve Learned Turning 35

10 Things I've Learned Turning 35 10 Things I've Learned Turning 35

I’m not getting older, im just becoming a classic!

Happy New Year everyone! As my Birthday and the change of year are so close together, this is a time of setting off goals and reflect on the lessons i learned. This year in particular is a bit more special as i just turned 35. Thirty-five leaps around the sun, i honestly just blinked and here i am a full grown adult. Im that person who still feels that the 90’s were just ten years ago. Im stuck into a perpetual mid twenties state of mind, with the responsibilities of a thirty five year old.

Reflecting on the last fifteen years, from the time i hit my twenties until the present day, i realized that i learned some important lessons when it comes to my health, well being and general lifestyle. I see it as the ultimate review, a round up of the best habits i incorporated trough out my life.

So here is my list, my time of taking stock of the things that worked for me and my personal experiences. Please note that this is not medical advice, i am only talking from my personal experience. Always check with your doctor when taking supplements or making drastic lifestyle choices. Also, please do your own research.

10 Things I've Learned Turning 35

10 Things I’ve Learned Turning 35


  1. Health is your wealth. Push for answers and ask second or third opinions when you feel something is up. Im referring here to my auto immune underactive thyroid that made me feel absolutely miserable for a couple of years. My GP was adamant im fine and was putting all my symptoms down to stress. You can read about my experience here. I am much more confident now when i know something is wrong with my body to push for more answers.
  2. Supplements are worth taking and they will make a difference. I am a huge fan of supplementing my diet, because i just know realistically i am not eating as varied as i should. I had deficiencies trough out my life of vit D, calcium and iron which diet alone couldn’t fix. Currently i am taking Altrient Vit C for my skin and immune system, UDO’s Oil capsules for my healthy omegas, Sona Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for my skin, Bio-Kult Probiotics and Phyto Hair Capsules. They work for me, my GP is happy with me taking them and i have seen a dramatic difference. My hair is fuller, my skin is smoother and im just feeling good. I always alternate brands and i supplement depending on the season or my need.
  3. I have never done a sun bed. Also i use a high SPF on my body if im sunbathing (SPF50) and on my face all year long. I think it made a massive difference on how my skin is aging.
  4. Seeing the dentist and getting regular hygienist visits will make a huge difference to my health. There are some people who only floss once a year and don’t have one cavity. Others brush, floss, use mouthwash and still have problems. I am one of the later. My dental problems seemed to calm down after i started to see the hygienist for a deep clean every four months. On top of course of my usual diligent hygiene. I recently developed a gum abscess during Christmas, after four years of no problems. And of course i realized that last year i only managed to see my dentist only once.
  5. A good skincare routine will keep my skin in good shape. I started the whole cleanse, tone, moisturize routine very early on. I used eye creams since i was 18. And i think it shows. Use whatever you can afford, the pharmacies are bursting with good gentle products that will keep the skin in good condition.
  6. Laser Hair Removal will change my life. I am only three sessions in and already its been such a game changer. My next blogpost will be all about my Therapie Laser Hair Removal experience, so do keep an eye for that. If you are thinking of doing it, definitely take the leap. You can read my post on the initial first consultation here.
  7. So will Phi Brows! I got a brow tattoo two years ago which i loved and now, more recently Phi Brows. Again something that makes my daily routine so much easier. Plus as i lost my eyebrows due to my thyroid condition, the Phi brows help tremendously with my confidence when i am not wearing makeup.
  8. Intermittent Fasting is the easiest way of loosing weight without feeling deprived. There’s a lot of buzz around the health benefits of fasting and i can vouch it does help regulating digestion and helping with weight loss. I have consistently done for six month at the start of last year and felt fantastic. Didn’t feel deprived or denied myself treats. I need to get back into the routine, specially as i was eating mindlessly every thirty minutes during the Christmas break.
  9. Gluten Free works so well in managing my auto immune. And i need to stick to it! Every time i am strict with my gluten intake i am feeling on top of the world. As soon as i start to ‘treat myself’ consistently i can feel getting un balanced. I was talking to my GP today and she mentioned that a couple of her thyroid patients feel the same.
  10. Switching up to plant base milk for my coffee was wonderful news for my stomach. I wholeheartedly recommend in trying a Barista style Oat Milk from Oatly if you have a Nesspresso frother. It creates the creamiest, frothy latte that you can wish for. I also love Coconut Milk, specially in iced coffees during the summer.

One of my biggest regrets however is that i never really got into a regular exercising routine. When i was working full time i was standing a lot and power walking an hour a day. That was enough at the time, however i find myself in desperate need of getting more active now and building up my muscle and strength.

Bottom line i think its never too late to make lifestyle changes for a healthier older age. I find myself thinking a lot of how my life will change once i hit a more mature stage. Not taking in consideration of course accidents or other things out of my own control, will i be able to enjoy my retirement or will i be wishing i did something different in my 30s. I realize this is weird but its honestly starting to be a focus. Thinking about my diet, exercise, nurturing my relationship with my family and saving for rainy days. Can you tell im a such a granny already?

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  1. Elaine
    November 18, 2020 / 2:13 pm

    You should get checked for coeliac disease if you haven’t already, it’s common in those who have an autoimmune condition and is likely why you feel better on a gluten free diet! You need to eat gluten for several weeks before the test though otherwise you could get a false negetive

    • Andreea
      November 18, 2020 / 2:51 pm

      Hi, i did get tested and surprisingly im not a coeliac. However now im completely gluten free and ive never felt better. Inflammation and numbers are normal now. So ill just keep going.

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