Five Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made

Five Blogging Mistakes i've made Five Blogging Mistakes i've made

If I Could Turn Back Time: Five Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made

When im asked what i do for a living i mention that besides my beauty retail job, im a full time blogger. The reactions are always similar. What’s that blogger? Like you just take selfies every day and you are paid millions? I wish, that was the case. I do agree that compared to other jobs, the one of blogger looks a lot more glamours. However, although it may look easy not many people manage to actually do well and make a living out of it.

I started my website in 2010, we are close to our first decade anniversary. I worked passionately on my blog, out of the pleasure of writing and connecting to minds alike. Im very proud of it. I am Romanian and for me to write cursively and fluently in English, a language very far of my mother’s tongue is something quite wonderful. Now looking back to my blogging career i can recognize the mistakes i’ve made and probably still make.

Five Blogging Mistakes i've made

1. Too much focus on Photography and not on text

Everyone loves a pretty photo, that’s a fact. There are entire social media empires built on this principle, just look at the rise of Instagram and Pinterest. Im self taught on how to use my camera and if you flick trough my Archive you will probably notice my dramatic improvement each year. Its something i take great joy in doing and i find myself taking photos first and then building written blog posts around them. However i think the way forward is strong, interesting text foremost and then photography to support it. Writing meaty posts, ones that engage the reader is where my focus should be. My advice is focus on your text, clock in those 1000 words for the SEO sweet spot and then create some images to go with it.

2. Not Being Consistent

Life always gets in the way and the excuses are always valid. Tired from the full time job, having a day off and choosing to clean the house, having kids, being broke or just needing to relax. All real life struggles and priorities that come before blogging, at least in my case. We all know that the most successful blogs and social media accounts are the ones that are consistent. Lately i made a little blogging notebook, handy to jot down ideas and posts inspiration. I’ve also started to create content in bulk, being Instagram photos or written words and schedule them out weekly.

3. Not Finding My Writing Style

When i was in school, writing out essays were part of the curriculum. Because i was a keen reader, i always found it easy to express myself in writing. I probably do it a lot better in writing than verbally. In English however im not as confident. I tend to hammer down the facts and have a quick conclusion in the end and call it a day. So the plan is to read more: books, blogs, articles. Find my style, write how i speak and hopefully deliver more engaging posts alongside factual beauty reviews.

4. The dreaded impostor syndrome

The better the opportunities coming my way, the worse i get the impostor syndrome. Big companies reaching out to ‘little ol’ me’ to work together, being on a paid basis or exchange of product is still something that im incredibly grateful and excited about. One of my biggest downfall is that im terrible at pitching myself. I cringe while reaching out to the brands i love, i already anticipate the dreaded ghosting that follows. This is something im actively working on. I got a few brand collaborations that resulted from me just sending an email, introducing myself and my work. It really boosted my confidence. I still get loads of emails unread and ignored, but at least i have the peace of mind that i tried. Their loss i say!

5. Not Having a Strategy

Something i wish i asked myself when starting blogging, was ‘how do i see myself in 5 years’. Having clear goals, milestones to reach and a clear vision board can only help. Learning SEO, how to utilize Pinterest or understanding the in’s and out’s of Instagram is something that i only started looking into in recent months. For many years i only posted when i felt like it, not taking into consideration any of the technicalities that go behind a successful blog. Having a strategy will ultimately help you reach wider audiences, grow your social media handles and ultimately being in control of the success of your blog.

Five Blogging Mistakes i've made Blogging is an ever evolving industry and one that frankly i don’t think is going anywhere. The need of searching opinions, seeing what people are wearing, eating or how are they decorating their homes is something that’s instilled into us. We are a nosy creatures. Its very easy to make mistakes and undoubtedly i made more than five in my blogging journey. Hope you will learn from mine and if you are just starting out, you found some good advice in this article.

I would love to know what were your biggest ‘regrets’ when it comes to blogging and what you wish you would’ve done better.


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  1. June 7, 2019 / 6:55 am

    Great post! I’ve never really had a strategy except to deliver honest reviews. I’m not good at knowing all about pinterest, SEO etc etc and photography is definitely not my strong point – I just like chatting about beauty and I’ve found a great community of people to chat with, which is why I’m still blogging! If it ever stops being fun, I’ll stop blogging. I actually wrote a post last week about ghosting and about PRs/brands asking for your address and then ignoring you etc. The comments were really interesting! xx


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