2020 Goals

2020 goals

2020 Goals. I’ve Got This!

Every year, possibly ever since high school, i enjoyed setting out goals and intentions for the new year. My Birthday is on the 3rd of January, so it always feels like a double whammy: a fresh start! I am actually quite good at achieving my goals. I set out savings targets, priorities that need to be fulfilled like buying a new car or decorating a room. Writing my list it, spending time thinking about it and breaking it down in manageable steps is something that helps me accomplish most of my goals. I suppose my Management degree has to come handy sometimes.

In the first two weeks of January, i actually spend some time reviewing the last decade. Whilst i am very happy and proud of where i am in life and what i achieved, i managed to identify some goals that i keep carry around every year and never actually fulfill them. Things like my health have always been pushed on the back burner. Going on holidays and spending quality time with my family. Vain things like straightening my teeth, that aren’t a priority but it would bring me such more confidence. I suppose it all goes back on having a financial freedom to do all this. Having to step down from my job to work part time so i can be there for Sophia, buying a house and renovating, paying extortionate creche fees. Something has got to give.

2020 goals

So in a hope to keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire others, here are my 2020 Goals.


    1. Prioritize my health and get my auto immune Hashimoto in remission. Im currently living a bit of health scare since last july. I haven’t felt well for months and a trip to my GP showed worrying blood levels. A further ultrasound scan discovered multiple nodules on both sides of my thyroid. I am seeing my endocrinologist in February and hopefully i will get some answers. But i know that i didn’t help myself with diet choices and very little stress management.
    2. Stay away from foods and drinks that make me sick. I am gluten intolerant and because the side effect of ingesting gluten is not instant, im always tempted to live my best life and suffer the consequences later. So this year im committing to a full gluten free year.
    3. Take supplements regularly. My recent blood work revealed that i was dramatically low on Iron, Folic Acid, Vit B12 and vitamin D. No wonder i was feeling miserable. I have a suspicion that my last year plant based lifestyle might have not been the best choice for my body. Some people thrive on it, others like me get all their reserves depleted.
    4. Reach my 10k steps every day. I got a Fitbit Versa Lite last August and it really highlighted just how sedentary i am. Im challenging myself to go out for a power walk every day and maybe, just maybe, build myself up to run. My fitness levels are nonexistent so i can only improve.
    5. Continue to cook our meals from scratch and minimize takeaways. Preparation and planning is key here, but its so worth it. The three of us always feel rubbish on the weeks there’s nothing properly prepared and we rely on some take out food.
    6. Family holidays! Yes they need to happen! For the last four years we spent our summer holidays in Romania, but i think its time to explore some other places too. Its a bit of catch 22, i want to visit family but we need to see some other countries too. I would absolutely love to visit Amsterdam, Barcelona and a have a warm sun holiday. Fingers crossed!
    7. Start Driving! Yes, my biggest thing that i just seems to be impossible to accomplish. I started my refresher lessons back in August. Long story short: I have a full driving license, just haven’t drove in 15 years. But my driving instructor kept messing up our appointment dates, then i had some unexpected expenses and it all fell on the back burner again. I really need to make i happen this year. Even if i only accomplish one thing and its this one, it would make my whole year.
    8. Straighten my teeth. Im currently looking up practices and pricing around but it seems MyDental are the most affordable at the moment. I have saved some money in my credit union, so i think i need to bite the bullet and get a consultation.
    9. Get my first time Botox. Maybe. Im not fully convinced, but i would love to see how it feels and looks. I dont have major wrinkles at the grand age of 36, however i would love to look fresher, relaxed and more rested. Im still debating on this one.
    10. Get my first full frame camera and improve on my photography skills. Recently i got offered a photography job that is a pretty big deal for me – all it will be revealed if it goes forward. And i also started working freelance taking family photographs and creating social media images for clients. Its time to invest in my equipment and im excited.
    11. Blog more. I would love to be able to create engaging and evergreen content on my blog weekly. Minimum a blogpost a week. Ive started blogging ten years ago and i still love it as i did back then.
    12. Create more home content. It seems that’s something that its very well received and enjoyed, so im going to try do some more home posts. Source high street affordable pieces, show my home more and just general inspiration.
    13. Reach 20k on Instagram. Numbers are just numbers. However, if Im completely truthful with you, my most excellent reader, i would love to reach this milestone. I know that i need to create more engaging content and put myself more out there. To get someone to follow is similar to a transactional operation. They need to get something out of it, being feel good feeling, inspiration or good tips. You can check me out here.
    14. Learn how to edit video. Photographs i can edit in a flash, videos however i just cant figure them out. Truthfully i haven’t tried too hard to learn so hopefully ill master it and more videos are coming your way.
    15. Pick up sewing. I got enrolled in Catherine’s course for beginners and im excited to start it. My grandma got me a sewing machine as a present and i think it would be really useful to learn how to use it. You can check the online course here.

2020 goals

So here’s to an amazing 2020! I wish you all lots of happiness and health and i would love to take the opportunity to thank you for sticking up with me another year. In February we are celebrating 10 years of YourBeauty.ie and i couldn’t be more honored to have you as my readers.



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