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prestige beauty studio Getting Back in Shape With Prestige Beauty Studio

I decided at the end of last year that 2020 will be my year. A year of re-calibration, focus on health, well-being and relationships. A year where ill do my best to tackle all my goals that i have swept under the carpet for a while. Having a health scare and getting the all clear really put things into perspective. We can do anything we want and achieve all our goals, as long as we have our health and a good plan. The world is our oyster!

After i had my pregnancy four years ago, my body changed. Whatever worked in the past on getting in shape, it didn’t seem to work anymore. No matter how much i ate well or exercised, there were areas of my body that stayed the same. Our bodies are amazing things and i truly love mine. However there are areas i couldn’t help thinking i would like to look better. To look better for me, not anyone else. We all have our comfort zone where we feel at best and that has a knock on effect on our confidence and mood. I had half a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that i couldn’t get into anymore, yet i couldn’t bring myself to give away.

Body Health Machine | Body Wrapping Tunnel | Endermologie | Presso Drainage

prestige beauty studio

When Prestige Beauty Studio got in touch regarding a possible collaboration in exchange of an honest review i was thrilled. I already researched and read about the treatments used in the studio for slimming and body contouring. It was always something that i wanted to try out myself, so i jumped to the opportunity.

The studio is run solely by its owner Alina in Clonsilla (Blanchardstown), who isn’t only beautiful on the outside but a lovely, attentive and caring person too. Her attention to detail is amazing and she really wants to give her customer the best results. Her clients are her walking advertisement so shes adamant to give each and every one of them a good result.

During the initial consultation we discussed my body goals and areas where i would like to work on. Like any other mother, my main area is my tummy. I would like it to be more toned and hopefully lose a couple of centimeters. Another goal is to smooth out the cellulite on my legs. Truth be told i always had cellulite, ever since i was teenager. And not even the orange peel kind, but the dimples one when you aren’t even pinching. Anyway, at the grand age of 36 it doesn’t really bother me anymore. But i wanted to see if endermologie would make a difference on my stage 3-4 cellulite.

After the body assessment and chat, Alina came up with an action plan. For the next six treatments i am going to have treatments using the award winning Body Health machine. It uses heads for Endermologie, Cryoradiofrequency and Himfu treatment.  Also Presso Drainage and Body Wrapping Infrared Tunnel Sauna. We took before photos, got measurements and got to work.

prestige beauty studio

About the treatments and technology used in Prestige Beauty Studio

Body Wrapping Infrared Tunnel Sauna

To start the treatment, we use the infrared tunnel sauna to loosen up the muscles and skin and prep it for work. An anti cellulite thermal cream is applied on the legs, tummy and arms and sealed with cling film. Then you step into the capsule for 30 minutes of relaxation and heat. The temperature goes up gradually up to 42 degrees celsius. Its not uncomfortable or claustrophobic, quite roomy and relaxing. My favorite part of the treatments, sometimes we do it at the end of the session for a detox.

What is it for:

Detoxification. Infrared saunas can help increase blood circulation and stimulate the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins in the body. Helps with Muscle aches, arthritis and joint pain. Weight loss and increased metabolism. Stress and fatigue reduction. Immune system support. Appearance of cellulite.

Pressotherapie: Presso Drainage

Presso drainage gives an increase of the lymph flow and blood circulation on the whole legs, it provides immediate leg comfort and lightness. To enhance an extra-cellular fluid clearance. It reduces bloating, swelling and cellulite. Alleviates leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow throughout the whole body.

Supports kidney function: poor filtration and a hydro saline imbalance, can lead to possible accumulation of large quantities of fluid in the tissues. It supports healthy heart function (problems can lead to tapered oedemas because of an inadequate pumping effect). Reduces localized lipolytic oedema (fatty deposits). Effective lymphatic drainage.

It looks like this body suit that you get into with your legs. It swells and tightens effectively on the areas that help stimulating the lymph and getting rid of excess fluid. Its not an uncomfortable treatment, i found it quite satisfying actually. I work in retail so ive been standing for long periods of time all my life. Getting a leg massage is the dream! In my case the presso-therapie acts quite fast, i tend to start eliminating fluid right after the treatment. So expect to run to the bathroom quite a lot.

Treatments using the Body Health machine with heads for Cryoradiofrequency, Himfu and Endermologie

Cryoradiofreqvency and HimFu

Whilst i get the presso drainage on my legs, Alina works with the cryo radiofreqvency on the tummy to help tighten the skin and reduce centimeters off the waist line. This is a painless treatment, very relaxing but it gives incredible results. A gel is placed on the area of treatment and then the therapist works with a machine to deliver radio frequency waves that will dislodge fat deposits. Sounds like magic, works like science.

It increases the collagen production in the treated areas, which results in skin tightening. It improves lymfatic drainage, accelerates fat metabolism and reduces cellulite. After each session i seen visible results. And after just two treatments on my tummy i got a reduction of 3cm that ive maintained for the last 3 weeks. Its not just water weight, my silhouette is truly reshaped.


Endermologie is a non surgical procedure and is the first cellulite treatment to be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not only does endermologie help improve the appearance of cellulite, but it can also improve circulation, relieve minor muscular aches, improve skin tone and skin radiance. Its the treatment of choice of Kim Kardashian against cellulite and i was excited to try it.

For endermologie, you have to change into a stocking body that covers the legs, tummy and arms. A machine is used that gives the most intense deep tissue massage of your life. It uses a vacuum suction with an active roller that lifts and breaks down the cellulite. Ill be completely honest, i have a love/hate relationship with this treatment. I find it so painful! However im obsessed with the visible results, so i will put up with the 30 minutes of pain gladly. It does get better as the session go, so i do find it easier. It literally breaks the cellulite pockets, think of encapsulated fat cells that just need to be released. Cellulite is like a mattress, an intense massage is needed to release it.


Where to find Prestige Beauty Studio. Prices


prestige beauty studio



Price wise, im getting the complete slimming and contouring treatment that lasts 2 hours per session. So for everything i talked about the prices are:

6 sessions €500 | 8 sessions €650 | 10 sessions €800

For more prices, treatments and price per session please check their Facebook page here. Or alternatively their Instagram here. Contact Alina for a free consultation and she will guide you for the best treatment options.

After only two sessions i am seeing visible results, so much so that even my husband commented. And he is a typical man who notices nothing haha. I lost 3cm off my waist line and 3cm off my hips. No dietary changes and sadly no exercise, the weather has been awful so my daily walks have been non existent.

I will keep you posted with my results, like i mentioned we took before and after photos so i will publish another blog after the treatment is finished. I am honestly thrilled and excited to see my changes! Any questions, just leave me a comment bellow.


I am a guest of the salon. Honest review as always.

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      February 25, 2020 / 7:48 am

      I noticed it too in your Instagram stories. You look amazing. Can’t wait to see the final results. 😘

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