White to Brown Tan Review

White to Brown Tan Review

White To Brown Tan Review

White to Brown Tan Review Today’s post is all about a new at home tanning range – White to Brown Tan Review. Nothing puts a spring on anyone’s step like the fresh glow of fake tan. Before this current pandemic i haven’t been that much into fake tan. Naturally, im not very pale thanks to my Romanian genetics and i found i never had time to invest in a proper routine. Cue two months of lock down and im pampered and tanned within an inch. Silver linings all round.

White to Brown is an English brand, based in Belfast that prides itself into creating bespoke self tanning formulations. They are best know for their salon tan formulas, being used by tanning professionals for years. Now they brought their tanning edit to the high-street market, allowing clients having the salon results in the comfort of their own home.

They combined an easy-to-navigate product selection that offers a variety of application techniques that are simple and enjoyable and give amazing results.

White to Brown Tan Review

White to Brown Tan The Range


Cleansers: Body Cleanse shower gel and Skin Polish body exfoliant.

Pre Tan: Professional Barrier Cream and Coconut Body Spritz Moisturiser.

Tan: A variety of cream, lotion, water, spray or mousse in a Light, Medium and Dark intensity.

When im looking for a tanning product i have a few requirements. I need it to be easy to apply, non streaky and of a medium intensity. Im so scared of proper dark tans, i just don’t think they suit me at all. In the last couple of weeks i tried two White to Brown formulas that really won me over. The Medium Tanning Lotion and the Medium Spray Water.

The Tanning Lotion in Medium is a fabulous hydrating product that gives a gorgeous golden color. It comes with a pair of gloves for a seamless application and i found they really made the tan go smoothly. I buffed areas like feet or hands with an old stippling brush that i keep purposely for these type of tasks. I applied the tan during the day, in the morning and let it develop for the next 8 hours. There was no smell whatsoever coming from the tan during its development, which was a pleasantly surprise. It was a particularly hot day as well so i was delighted not to repeal everyone around me. The color washed off evenly and left a medium, sun kissed natural color. I think i got a proper week out of the application, before i had to scrub it off and start again.

The Self Tanning Water is another product that i absolutely love. Its a transparent spritz that develops in a couple of hours to a natural tan. I love it on my upper body: arms and decolletage for an even glow. My upper body is naturally darker than my legs, the sun catches faster there so i don’t like to go to dark in fake tan. The Tanning Water has no color guidance, however i found it applied evenly and dried out fast. I love to top up every couple of days for an even, continuous color.

Another product that stood out to me is the Coconut Body Spritz Moisturizer. A light weight, deliciously smelling moisturizer that doesn’t leave a heavy film on the skin. Its perfect for a quick hydration boost throughout the day or before you are heading out.

Overall im very impressed so far with the brand and im looking forward to work my way trough their other formulas too.

Have you tried White to Brown self tan products yet?

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White to Brown Tan Review

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