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Shopping for sunglasses on Shopping for sunglasses on

Shopping for sunglasses on

Shopping for sunglasses on

The Czech online optician Lentiamo has launched their online store in Ireland

Lentiamo is an online optician offering competitive prices on high end brands online. The Czech company is trading in 17 countries across Europe and they recently have expanded to Ireland. They are a comprehensive optician service, offering everything from designer sunglasses to contact lenses. Prescription glasses and eye care products. Getting prescription glasses online has never been easier. The price point makes them competitive with the existing services available in Ireland. For instance, they are offering at the moment prescription glasses from €64.80. And this includes the frames and lenses.

Lentiamo’s customer service is reflected in how easy is to navigate their online site. You will never run out of lenses again with their easy re-ordering service. Very quickly you can re order your lenses or eye care products and get them delivered by a fast courier. They also provide an online try-on service where you can see if the different shapes of frames suit your face.

My Experience shopping on

I was invited earlier on in the month to try the Lentiamo experience of buying designer sunglasses online. Sunglasses are my weakness, i just love how they can elevate even the most boring outfit. I usually save up and treat myself to a designer pair every couple of years. The reason why i choose designer for eye wear, besides the cool factor, is that they provide a proven protection against harmful UV rays. I remember seeing a news once on TV explaining how cheaper pairs of sunglasses can be actually more harmful on the eye and they aren’t actually protecting against sun damage. So over the years, i have invested in a couple of classic Ray-Ban pairs. I think my oldest pair is around ten years old and is still very much in fashion today.

Shopping for sunglasses on Shopping for sunglasses on Virtual Try-On service

Buying sunglasses or any type of eye wear online without trying them on can feel daunting. Will they suit my face shape? What even is my face shape?! So for research purposes, i decided to deviate from my well known Ray-ban’s and get a brand that i have  never tried on before in real life.

If you aren’t sure what suits you, Lentiamo has a very useful Sunglasses Guide of determining your face shape and what kind of frames will go really well with it.

After taking my measurements, following the easy guide, i realized that my face shape is heart.

Shopping for sunglasses on

The guide advised on the Wayfarer from Ray-Ban, which I already have and knew that they are suiting me. So for a change, i decided to find a soft cat eye shape. I wanted a pair of big, black sunglasses for a while. Something that would go with everything, protect me from the sun and feel comfortable on my face.

I did a couple of fun try-ons, literally going trough each brand and playing virtual dress-up with numerous pairs. Which lets face it, in these pandemic times we probably can’t do as freely in real life. I came across this beautiful pair from Gucci. Swiftly purchased it and i was amazed to have the sunglasses delivered by courier in just two days. I think they fit my face perfectly and they feel super comfortable on. The frames are light weight, the lenses offer a UV 400 filter and i just love how elegant they look on.

I will certainly be back for future sunglasses purchases, i really want a pair of Ray-Ban Frank Legend and Lentiamo has the most competitive price i have seen so far.


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Shopping for sunglasses on


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AD @lentiamo has recently launched their online optician service in Ireland and they invited me to experience the online ordering service and chose a pair of sunglasses. is a comprehensive optician website that delivers prescription glasses, contact lenses and eye care products and designer sunglasses at competitive prices. They have a cool online ‘try on’ service that makes it super easy to see what frames suit your face shape. You can try everything they have in stock from the comfort of your own home. More details on my blog and on my stories ☝🏻. __________________________________ #lentiamo #lentiamoie #designersunglasses #onlineoptician #bbloggers #irishbloggers #irishbbloggers #creatorsie #30plusblogs #romanianblogger #over30style #over30fashion #zarawoman #zara #autumnfashion

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