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SoMeCare Facial Brush

Testing out the SoMeCare Facial Brush

SoMeCare Facial Brush

I have been challenged to test the SoMeCare facial brush twice a day for two weeks and report my results. When it comes to beauty gadgets, im the first one wanting to test out the latest innovation. So it seemed like a fun project to start on. I have been using facial brushes for at least a decade – it all started with a soft, manual brush that i found in a market whilst on holiday. Then i got swayed in by the release of Clarisonic – RIP, who remembers them? And then slowly ive upgraded devices trough out the years to more hygienically medical grade silicon brushes.

If you have never used a facial brush into your routine, let me tell you a couple of benefits that you might notice if you start using one. Firstly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using your fingers when washing your face. However, like everything else in life – you’ll start to see results when you elevate your routine.

SoMeCare Facial brush for deep daily cleaning

Prevents breakouts, blackheads, firm & tone the skin

SoMeCare Facial Brush

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush SoMeCare. This thermal silicone facial brush works best at removing all dirt, excess oil and makeup residue effectively and giving you a delightful, gentle massage. Being made of high-quality food-grade silicone, it is odor-resistant, hypoallergenic and totally waterproof which is suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

My skin is normal combination, prone to oiliness, shine and open pores on the t-zone. The odd under the skin breakout on the chin area. I personally found the biggest improvement was in how clean and minimized my pores were looking after each cleanse. I use the SoMeCare brush as part of my second cleanse. First, I remove my makeup with a cleansing balm or oil and then follow up with the brush and a foaming cleanser in the shower. The facial brush is waterproof and the little support can be fitted anywhere in your bathroom on a tiled surface.

SoMeCare Facial Brush Main Features


  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin with gentle cleansing action
  • Made from anti-bacterial, odor-resistant and easy-to-clean silicon
  • Water-proof and suitable for in-shower use
  • Features 8 sonic vibration intensities up to 15,000 Hz
  • Supplied with USB-connected magnetic induction charging base with suction cup attachment


SoMeCare Facial Brush

How to use the SoMeCare facial brush

For Facial Cleansing

1: Dampen face with warm water and apply cleanser to your SoMeCare brush head.

2: Turn the cleanser on and press the brush head into your palm until it creates a lather.

3: Starting with the chin, glide the product over your face. After 1 minute of use, SoMeCare will pause for 3 secs as you switch cleansing area.

4: Follow with an optional deep cleansing mode by pressing the power button again.

5: Once finished, turn off your SoMeCare and rinse your face and device.


For Thermal Massage

1: Apply facial essence directly to your skin.

2: Press the power button on your SoMeCare once to switch on normal cleansing mode.

3: Glide the device over your face in a bottom-up motion, using the massage head on the back of your SoMeCare.

4: After 5 minutes your SoMeCare device will automatically shut off. Rinse under warm water and store dry.

SoMeCare Facial Brush

My review after two weeks of daily AM and PM use

Cleansing my face is so easy and relaxing! The SoMeCare brush comes already charged within the box, so ideal for when you want to try out your new beauty device straight away. The battery is quite long lasting and its very easy to recharge. The little support that comes with the brush is also the battery charger. You’ll find an USB charger cable in the box, so you can connect it to your laptop or phone charger.

Also i absolutely LOVE that its not App activated, so i don’t need to use my phone to turn on the device or select the programs. After spending my day on my phone or laptop as part of my job, the last thing i want is to use the phone as part as my cleansing routine.

I personally use the cleansing brush as part of my second cleanse. Firstly, i remove my face and eye makeup with a cleansing balm. Then as a second step – and probably the most important one – i wet the brush and add my choice of foaming wash. This type of device will only work with cleansing gels, creams or foams. I will always find foundation remainders on the bristles, no matter how well i think i cleansed my skin during step 1.

I then massage my face, moving gently the brush all over my skin and let it work its magic. There’s no need to be hard with the bristles or rub your skin vigorously. The 15000 Hz sonic vibrations remove all impurities efficiently, yet its very gentle even on sensitive skins. Rinse your face and you are ready for your skincare routine.

In terms of results, my skin has definitely looked clearer and felt softer. My pores are clean and my makeup sits better.

You will also notice that on the back of the brush there are some ridges. They make a perfect face massager tool for when you are applying your moisturizing treatments. Simply flip the brush and gently massage your face as you would with a face roller or Gua-Sha stone. It will stimulate the lymph which will result in a toned, less puffy face contour. Also the warming feature allows for extra relaxation and helps the skin to be more receptive to the skincare routine that follows.


SoMeCare Facial Brush

The SoMeCare Cleansing brush is available in three colors: Pink, Green and Grey.

Currently on Sale for €99 here.

Im giving away a Somecare Cleansing Brush on my Instagram!



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