Updating my home with PosterStore.ie

posterstore.ie     Updating my home with Poster Store


Ive collaborated with the PosterStore.ie this season to update my space and im so happy with how the prints look on my walls. If you followed me for a long time, you probably know i love to decorate my walls with beautiful prints. A gallery wall can add color and character to any home. A room is instantly transformed by colorful prints. They can be easily changed around to suit the mood, trends or seasons. Also, posters can be quite an affordable way of updating a home.

The room that i love to play with gallery walls the most is our living room. After almost two years of spending so much time at home, i felt the need of a fresh start. I wanted prints that would elevate the room and leave me feeling inspired. And i think with the posters selection i made, i just realized that.

I went for light colors that feel fresh and match my home vibe. Probably because im so looking forward to traveling and future holidays, i chose some Italian and French themed posters. I love sipping on my coffee first thing and just day dream about beautiful places that are waiting to be discovered.


About PosterStore.ie

At PosterStore.ie you can find posters & frames with Scandinavian design that are both beautiful and affordable –
they give you the inspiration you need for designing your own gallery wall. It can be daunting making a selection and deciding on a gallery wall theme. I browsed trough their vast gallery wall examples until i found the one that spoke to me the most. The unique prints help create your own bespoke gallery wall.

They have a large poster selection of different themes and categories for all tastes and release a new poster collection
every Tuesday. I found that the choice it can be a bit addictive! I saved so many more prints (36!) into my account that i plan on ordering. The prints come in various sizes so im thinking to add little accents here and there.

Also, very important, the posters are printed on sustainably produced high-quality paper. Gorgeous Scandinavian frames are available to purchase too. I was delighted about that, as i always seem to be stuck finding a certain size or finish that i need.


My gallery wall selection

My favorite print, that i enjoy looking at the most is the Flower Door Poster above my turquoise chair. Its made so well that no matter the weather or light situation, it looks like a beam of light is shinning on it. Just gorgeous!

I also enjoy the Italian Car poster – i am obsessed with a mint Fiat500 so hopefully one day it will manifest into real life. Mint actually has been the theme behind my new gallery wall. I find it so refreshing and i think after we will re paint the walls it will really pop. I loved my all white walls but im ready to change to a neutral grey.

The other posters that brought together the gallery wall are Ciao Bella, Light green door and the Cherry Flower poster. I think they go wonderfully well together.

For my floating shelves, i chose the Blooming Eiffel Tower. I wanted something soft and the delicate pastel works so well with the rest of my knickknacks.

Looking back, im so happy with how it all turned up. The whole family loves it and the posters seem to blend so well with our home vibe. The gold frames are so beautiful too and well priced. They come in silver or copper, but natural options are available too.


PosterStore.ie Discount Code


45% off on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames). Not combinable with other discount campaigns.

Valid from 14th to 21st of September.


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