A Comprehensive review of Sweed Beauty

sweed beauty

A Comprehensive review of Sweed Beauty

sweed beauty

Sweed Beauty hails from the heart of Scandinavia, a region renowned for its minimalist design and emphasis on natural beauty. Drawing inspiration from its Nordic roots, Sweed Beauty encapsulates the essence of Scandinavian elegance in every product it creates. Founded by Swedish makeup artist Gabriella Elio, the brand has become synonymous with sophistication, simplicity, and sustainability.

One of the brand’s standout offerings is its range of false eyelashes, which have become a favorite among makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike for their unparalleled quality and ease of application. Sweed Beauty has quickly branched out into mainstream beauty products. An ever growing collection of cream blushes, eyeliners, lip liners, powder foundation, mascaras and makeup brushes.

Who owns Sweed Beauty?

Gabriella Elio, a popular makeup artist, wanted to create the perfect products that would achieve her signature ‘no makeup, makeup’ look. Gabriella’s motto is “look like yourself after a 2 weeks’ vacation – glowing skin, lush lashes and full of life”.

Sweed x Billion Baby Turtles

For every Lash Lift Mascara sold, Sweed Beauty is rescuing a baby sea turtle. You can buy a Lash Lift mascara here. 

Sweed Beauty has teamed up with Billion Baby Turtles to support their sea turtle rescue project. So turtles and our nature can keep thriving the way they should. Billon Baby Turtles is focusing on community-based projects that both help with keep nesting turtles and hatchlings safe and away from illegal hunting.

sweed beauty

What i recommend trying from Sweed Beauty

When ordering Sweed Beauty products from Ireland, rest assured that you wont be charged any customs as the products are being sent from Europe. The brand also offers free shipping on orders over €30/£37/$50. If you are a professional makeup artist, Sweed Beauty offers a professional discount of 30% off on all products. You can apply here.

You can also get 15% off your first order when you subscribe to the newsletter.

Sweed Beauty Air Blush Cream. Shop here

A soft, creamy formula that transforms into a velvet finish on the skin. Highly pigmented, available in six flattering shades. A touch is all its needed for a gorgeous natural flush of color. Im loving Doll Face, an instant pick me up.

sweed beauty

Sweed Beauty Mascara. Shop here

sweed beauty

Award winning mascaras: Cloud Mascara for a maximum volume and length. And Lash Lift Mascara for precise lift, lengthening and separation. Both available in Black and Brown.

Both mascaras have brushes that allow the product to coat the lashes from the first swipe, starting right at the root. The formula is lightweight, buildable and with a glossy finish. Also, the way the wand is designed – it allows for pigment to deposit between each and every lash for an instant tight-line definition and a fuller lash look.

You will find that the mascaras don’t flake, clump or smudge. The formulas are enriched with vitamin B5 to nourish the lashes. Both mascaras are water resistant, but not waterproof. So it will be long wearing, without having to scrub or tug to take it off.

Sweed Beauty Eyelash Growth Serum. Shop here

sweed beauty A clean and prostaglandin-free lash enhancing serum that promotes the appearance of visibly longer and fuller looking lashes and brows in only 4-6 weeks. Best of all – the clean, carefully chosen ingredients are vegan.

Award winning product and popular from the get go, the Sweed Beauty Eyelash Growth Serum will make your lashes longer, fuller, darker and gives a beautiful curl with gloss-effect. This nutrient-rich serum supports your hair growth cycle and is powered by peptides, biotin, pumpkin seed oil and vegan keratin to accelerate the appearance of longer lashes and brows. Gentle to your eyes and formulated without prostaglandins (hormones that can cause irritation and leave a dark colour pigmentation along your lash line).


97% experience that their lashes have become longer

94%  experience that their lashes are fuller

82% have received compliments for their lashes since they started using the Eyelash Growth Serum

Popular questions about the Sweed Beauty Eyelash Growth Serum

How do you use the Sweed Lash serum?

Apply the lash serum at the base of the eyelashes, on a perfectly clean and dry skin. One swipe is sufficient. Ideally use it at night to leave the product sink in properly.

Do you sleep with lash serum on?

Yes, its preferably to let the product work during the night when there are no external factors delaying the product absorption.

Do you put lash serum on before or after mascara?

If you really need to use the lash serum during the day, make sure you apply it a few minutes before you do your eye makeup so the product is fully absorbed and dried on the skin.

What is the difference between lash serum and lash conditioner?

A lash serum is applied at the root of the eyelashes, and its mainly used to promote eyelash growth. A lash conditioner is applied on the length of the eyelashes to help moisturize and nourish.

Do you use a lash serum everyday?

Ideally yes, as the results are cumulative. You can start seeing an improvement on your eyelashes after approximately four weeks.

In a world inundated with beauty brands vying for attention, Sweed stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, simplicity, and sustainability. Whether you’re a makeup aficionado or someone looking to enhance your natural beauty, the brand offers a range of products that cater to every need. With glowing testimonials from satisfied users and a reputation for excellence, Sweed continues to redefine beauty standards one product at a time. Experience the allure of Scandinavian elegance and unlock your radiance today.

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