Notd Rimmel Lycra Pro

What better way to spend Friday night, then doing your nails? Well yeah…i can think of other things way better, but anyway. Let me introduce you to the Rimmel Lycra Pro Professional Finish in shade Pop Rose.


As usual with my camera, the picture doesn’t do to much justice. In the picture, the color looks more like a light purple-pink when in reality is more of a pretty fuchsia pink.

Rimmel has developed for their Lycra Pro range (and lately for the new collection 60 seconds) an amazing easy to use Maxi brush. I am deeply impressed, it really is  “mistake free” as it says on the lid, covers the nail perfectly with just one stroke. Usually i tend to do a mess of myself (right hand is the hardest) and have to reach for cotton buds to erase the evidence, but in this case it was no need. Easy peasy.

Also the pigment is intense, you get a great color with just one coat and i tend to get up to 3 days of use retouch free.

For the price of 5.55 euro, a real bargain!

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