Favorite Places for a Family Day Out #CulturalDrives | AD

You probably know this about me and my family: we absolutely love a day out around Dublin! Us Dubliners are so lucky to have the ocean and the mountains so reachable, only a short drive away from wherever you might live. If i am lucky not to be in work during the weekend,…

Decorating a Toddlers Room on a Budget | Haul

I am very late to the party, only earlier this summer i have discovered what cheap treasures they can have on their website. I was always admiring Sharon’s hauls (see her blog here), she usually got great trinkets, jewelry or kids toys for mere penneys so, with a project in mind –…

Instagram Hacks: Five Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

You will probably wonder why someone with only 5.2k Instagram followers would create a post on Five Hacks to Grow Your Instagram Account. Like everyone else, i am struggling with the new Algorithm and i have started doing a bit of research on what are the best ways to get my posts noticed….

Garden Shed Makeover Hack | Before and After DIY

I have been absolutely itching of giving my garden shed a makeover, we inherited it when we bought the house and the sight of it was depressing me each time i would glance outside. The actual shed is in good condition, nothing wrong with it,  just needed a bit of TLC and a lick of paint….

Next Home Haul

I am a huge fan of Next, being kids clothes or home wear i just need it all. Over the last months, since we moved into our new home i gathered a few pieces from their Home Collection, most of them are still in stock now so i figured i would do a round up blog post….

What I Wore This Week | Mommy and Toddler

A fashion blogger i am certainly not, nor i have aspirations to be. That said i do love a bit of clothes shopping and take a ‘looking into the distance‘ photo! This post is just a collection of outfits me and Sophia wore this week, i would like to do round ups like this more often –…

New Ikea MYRHEDEN Frame Hack

You have no idea how much JOY the new IKEA MYRHEDEN Frames bring into my life! From the moment i have spotted them on the New In section in the IKEA email, i knew i had to get them. We are the nice stage with the house: buying curtains,…

A Trip To The Kildare Farm

We are still very new at this toddler entertainment business, im always asking around for ideas for family day outs that aren’t very expensive and are outdoorsy. We love walks and to be outside, weather permitting of course, so the idea of visiting a pet farm with Sophia was very appealing….

The Anti Haul | Things I Won’t Be Buying

I loved the idea of Anti Haul posts and videos ever since ive seen Kimberly Clarks YouTube Videos. What a refreshing concept, in a world of consumerism and enablers (myself included) it was great to see bloggers giving their honest opinions on new hyped up releases and styles. Sometimes even if a product or a garment is so fashion,…

Back to Basics

Today i had a spur of the moment inspiration of just sitting down and doing a chatty type of post – not a beauty product review or a DIY hack, just a good old fashion heart to heart. I have been blogging from what it seems forever, seven years to be exact –…