IKEA FORHOJA Kitchen Cart Hack | DIY

For my second DIY project, ive decided to transform my boring yet very functional kitchen trolley into something more eye pleasing. I bought the IKEA FORHOJA kitchen trolley (see here) in a bid of creating more counter space for my appliances, like in every other aspect of my life i tend to get carried away and purchase every gadget under the sun….

New In | What I Bought in February

Well this is embarrassing, my last blog post was January Favorites and here i am now with a February haul. The quality of my content is at all time highs isn’t it? Hear me out though, the gods of blogging have been against me, trowing lots of baby and mommy sickness my way….

HerClutterBox Makeup Storage Review | How I Styled My HerClutterBox Nail Polish Wall Rack

PR Sample.
There is no surprise that since we moved in the new house, i am absolutely and utterly obsessed with everything home decor and organization/storage related. I suppose its the years of buildup, of saving and dreaming of our perfect little home that are just enabling me now to actually create our very own ‘pinterest inspired’…


I always wanted a bar cart. Countless of hours were spent online looking up trolleys and pinning cute models that one day would reside in my own home. Unfortunately, becoming a home owner meant we are currently faced with very tight budgets so the lavish gold, mirrored trolleys i would see in stores would be too expensive for our newly reduced pocket….

Baby and Body 7 Months Update | Sophia Alexandra

Ok, we are seven months old. When did it happen? We just blinked and zoomed trough a madness of nappies, bottles and worries to a seven month old baby who eats real food, chats and plays with her toys. Well, when im saying plays i mean chews her toys….

Baby and Body 6 Months Update | Sophia Alexandra

I have been meaning to do regular updates on Sophia’s development and mine since the begging, but somehow time flew and i found myself with a six month old baby. It still feels like i just had Sophia, yet weirdly like she was with us our whole lifes.
Because im one of them people who frantically google baby development posts,…

The Super Spice: Five Health Benefits of Turmeric

There is a real buzz around Turmeric lately, the bright spice that usually flavors Asian foods and Indian curry. Not only it can enhance the taste of a dish, but it appears it can make you healthier. Turmeric has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and finally modern medicine and research has proven that indeed,…

My Health Story: Living With Underactive Thyroid

Many of you may not know this about me, i have a under active thyroid condition. And why should you know this about me? Its honestly not a big deal. I usually manage it well, i just have to take a little tablet daily, every morning before breakfast,…

That New Look Floral Bomber Jacket

We had a gorgeous Saturday this week, as you well know im living for the weekend these days. Nothing recharge our batteries than a couple of days spent with our little family: playing with Sophia, going for walks or eating yummy food. If we can do all of these whilst enjoying a warm sunny day,…

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love reading Monthly Beauty favorites posts and as much as i would love to do them every month, i just seem to forget or to have the same favorites a couple of consecutive months. So from time to time, i will just do a roundup of things i love –…