A Bedroom Tour

In today’s home decor episode, im presenting you the main bedroom transformation. Initially outlined as a tiny double room with the smallest en suite i’ve ever seen and awkward build in closet, it blossomed in a decent sized bedroom with lots of space and super efficient IKEA wardrobes.

Without batting an eyelid we took the decision of removing the build in wardrobes and getting rid of the en suite. Everyone around us, including our builder gasped at the decision of taking the bathroom down, but we stayed strong. One year later, living in the house is still the best decision we have ever done. Our house is tiny and the main bathroom is right near the bedrooms and we still have a decent sized utility toilet downstairs, so we are never out of options when nature strikes. Also this is the reason why we have two lights in the bedroom.

So with the extra space revealed we got wall to wall IKEA wardrobes, very light and functional customized inside to our lifestyle needs. Our bed is an all in one with the headboard attached bought from Harvey Norman and i truly adore it. My biggest regret is that we bought a double size instead of a king, it was one of the very first things we bought for the house as it had to be handmade three months in advance. At the time we didn’t know what size the bedroom was going to be after the renovation and we didn’t want to risk it.

As for the styling, i invested in good sheets from House of Fraser, im always routing trough the sale baskets in their home wear section. You are always guaranteed to find some real gems! My posters are from Desenio again, they complement the decor so well. I wanted something that would add color and texture to the room yet still to look neutral.

Desenio Garden Flower Poster 50x70cm here

Desenio There’s Beauty Poster 50x70cm here

Ikea Frame FISKBO here 

My lampshades and night stand lamps are from in Liffey Valley, every payday i raid their section for some new finds and never leave empty handed.

On my bedside table you will always find notebooks and my diary, im doing all my life and blog planning at night when the inspiration strikes. Also you will always find a sleeping spray, i have been using for the last month the new . Its So Good! I might even prefer it to the This Works Pillow Spray. The scent is herbal yet not overpowering, leaving a delicate scent on the sheets. Every time i spray it i have a real deep proper rest, even Sophia seems to be enjoying it!

We recently added a new rug and a TV on the wall and im currently struggling to decide if to get some curtains put in too for extra coziness. Im also looking out for plants that would work in the space, im telling you my home decor work is never done!

If you would like to see inside of my wardrobes post do let me know, thank you for reading!


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