What I Wore This Week | Mommy and Toddler

A fashion blogger i am certainly not, nor i have aspirations to be. That said i do love a bit of clothes shopping and take a ‘looking into the distance‘ photo! This post is just a collection of outfits me and Sophia wore this week, i would like to do round ups like this more often –…

New In | What I Bought in February

Well this is embarrassing, my last blog post was January Favorites and here i am now with a February haul. The quality of my content is at all time highs isn’t it? Hear me out though, the gods of blogging have been against me, trowing lots of baby and mommy sickness my way….

The Zara Haul | Skinny Jeans, Leather Jacket and Studded Backpack

No clothing store in the world has the power to lift my spirit and make me want every single garment like Zara can do. My husband is still surprised i haven’t insisted on naming the baby after them, as my love is so strong.
I didn’t plan on buying anything,…

ASOS Autumn Wishlist

With the Sterling being at an all time low (currently £1 = €1.14), its rude not too raid ASOS for some new Autumn/Winter basics. My wardrobe is lacking one essential thing: jumpers and long sleeve tops. Its bursting with basic Tees and tank tops thank to some successful summer sale finds,…

The Happiness Boutique Minimalist Delicate Earrings

The Happiness Boutique is the answer to my minimalist, dainty jewelry craving that would be high quality yet still kind to the purse. If in my younger years i was covered in heavy chandelier earrings and statement necklaces, now im more drawn to delicate pieces with an understated design….

H&M Best Sale Buy | The Full Midi Patterned Skirt

H&M Skirt – link! Its on sale in stores for €18, but full price online for €39.99.
I actually wanted desperately to buy this H&M skirt while it was full price, searching the internet and in stores for my size just to be told that ‘no, computer said no….

VIDEO | Fashion Haul Mango Sale and New Look

Ok i’ve done it, i have posted a YouTube video. Yes its cringe, i look like im presenting the RTE news (although wouldn’t mind channeling a bit of Anne Doyle’s finesse) and my vocabulary needs seriously improving. As i was saying on my snapchat ( if you fancy following me) put me in front of a camera,…

Quay Australia Sunglasses Collection

I have to blame Mags (she blogs over on for this year’s sunglasses obsession. She came to visit me one time and she had the coolest pair of blue mirrored sunglasses. I instantly had to find out where she got them from (Asos) and how much they were (around the €40 mark)….

Beauty Guide to #GetSummerReady with Lloyds Pharmacy

Ok, dont panic summer is here! Think i never buffed, shaved or moisturized faster every part of my body so i can prance around in sandals and dresses this weekend. The stress!
Luckily Lloyds Pharmacy had me covered with a great selection of products meant to get anyone summer ready,…

My Health Story: Living With Underactive Thyroid

Many of you may not know this about me, i have a under active thyroid condition. And why should you know this about me? Its honestly not a big deal. I usually manage it well, i just have to take a little tablet daily, every morning before breakfast,…