What I’m loving in July

Can’t believe that July is almost over…only one more month of summer left for this year. Well i can’t really say that even July was very summery, with the rain and all (its Ireland, what am i expecting weather like the tropics ?!) but at least it was comforting to check the calendar and see its summer lol.

Without further ado, these are the things that i loved in July:


I love the taste of cherry’s in every shape or form, but this month in particular i fell in love with the scent of them. I’m absolutely obsessed with my Yankee Candle Black Cherry’s which smells absolutely divine and my new lip balm by Agatha Ruiz in cherry flavor, bought from the Turkish duty free (it was about 5 euro).

This lip balm smells absolutely delicious, has a pink-rose tint very similar to the Vaseline Rose lip balm. It is available in other flavors too: coconut, tutti fruity, strawberry etc.


Agatha Ruiz Beaute de Levres in Cherry Lip Balm

Yankee Candle Black Cherry

Bourjois Shower Gel

I wonder why Bourjois shower gels are not available in Ireland, they are absolutely lovely! Abroad, Bourjois has a great selection of shower gels, deodorants, body lotions and body oil. I usually stock up on them when I’m traveling, my favorite being the chocolate shower gel, the firming one or the exfoliant and I’m obsessed with their green deodorant spray. Also they had a lovely body oil with shimmery particles.

I picked the Bourjois Detox Shower Gel in Greece for only 2,50 euro. It has a zingy lemony scent, grape extract and gentle particles of lemon peel for exfoliation. It promises a glowing skin after two weeks of usage.

Please Bourjois, bring them to Ireland!!

Light summer reading

I’m enjoying lately the chick-lite novels, the kind that trigger a laugh and make you feel life is good again. I need to read a couple of pages before i go to sleep, for a bullet proof sleeping aid :).

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Yeah, went a bit overboard with the shoes this month and River Island is to blame. I really like their summer collection of gladiator heels, mostly because they are medium sized and chunky. I love high heels, stilettos (the most lethal) but i cant walk in them. I can sit, stand or strike a pose, but don’t make me walk… the whole sexy kitten look is ruined.

These blue pumps look amazing with a black pencil skirt and they are a guarantee to bright out any office look.  Also they make your tanned legs stand out.

I pair these gladiator heels with skinny jeans, work a charm and they are very comfortable.

The tan pair i got it for my maxi dresses, for a bit of height. Being in tan they match almost any outfit and they are very flattering, especially with coral nail polish.

Last but not least, I’m loving the vanilla and almond muffins. In July my diet was out the window, i indulged in all the “forbidden” foods, eating everything i liked without guilt. Sometimes is good to let go a bit and just enjoy life.

Go on, have a muffin 🙂

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  1. Amy Monaghan
    April 9, 2012 / 3:59 pm

    Mmmm.. reminds me of BB’s muffins from rockwood parade.. oh to be back in sligo ha ha! love the blog andrea x

  2. May 26, 2014 / 2:20 pm

    Hi there,

    I just came across your blog and while I know its been sometime since you posted, I thought you or your readers may be interested in knowing the Stacks Pharmacy will be launching the Bourjois Shower Gels for a limited time from the 1st week in June for a limited time until stock last…

    Check our website for store locations throughout Ireland http://www.stackspharmacy.ie or keep an eye on our FB page for details to be released next week…www.facebook.com/stackspharmacyfamily

    Many thanks,


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