Mini haul: CK makeup brushes, Sally Hansen, Gosh nail polish

Hi guys, here i am with a mini over-the-weekend haul. On Saturday i felt an *urge* to buy something nice for myself, but due to lack of funds (roll on pay day) i went for cosmetics, looking for something cheep and cheerful.

I found some great Calvin Klein makeup brushes, priced under 5 euro so how could i resist a bargain like that?!? The quality is great, they feel extremely soft and expensive. I went for the powder brush, cheek brush and three eyeshadow brushes.

I felt a bit confused though by the eyeshadow brushes, in the sense that on the box it seems to be three different ones: contouring, shading&blending and all over. When you study them closely, they look very alike same flat shape but in a different size. The margin ones look a bit rounder in the photo, they are not like this in real life.

Anyway, i only paid 3,99 euro or something like this for them so cant really complain.

Next, i got some nail products: Sally Hansen Nourishing Cuticle Remover and Multi-Vitamin Nail&Cuticle Cream.

My hands are in a state lately, they feel dry and my nails are quite fragile. I’m sure its a lack of something and i should address it internally, but in the mean time i will give them a quick fix. Also they were only 1,99 euro each (old packaging or discontinued).

Last, but not least i got two nail polishes from Gosh’s new autumn collection.

I am impressed with the quality of them, haven’t tried any of the Gosh nail polishes until now. Had Miss Mole (lovely muddy/taupe color) on my hands for about a week, without getting it chipped. The pigmentation its good, i feel with two coats I’m set. Also they were on offer, two for 12 euro.

What did you buy over the weekend? Share in the comments bellow xxx

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  1. September 27, 2010 / 9:47 pm

    Hi Andrea. I love the new look of your blog-its fab. The GOSH nail varnishes are lovely, particularly Miss Mole-it looks very wearable. Think I will pick it up on payday , as a treat 🙂
    Where di you pick up the CK brushes?-they were such a bargain. Agree with you though-there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference in the shadow brushes size and shape.

  2. andreea
    September 27, 2010 / 10:06 pm

    Hi Alethea, thanks a mill my poor boyfriend is working on it still not finished. I will keep the old theme until the new one is done :).
    I got the CK brushes in Cara Pharmacy they were a real bargain and the quality is fab.

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