The Body Shop Christmas Sale

I do love a Body Shop Sale, if I can say so myself. The discounts were good, consisting in mainly 50% of selected body butters, shower gels and the limited Christmas editions. I bought everything at the end of December, when the sale started but because of all the commotion with the move I didn’t have time or internet(!) to write about it. I think the sale its still on, at least it was last weekend in Dundrum shopping center.

 Some of the lines of body butters were the same as last year: blueberry, raspberry, almond which I already tried (read about them here). I was impressed of the shower gel and body scrubs selection, plenty to choose from: moringa, coconut, almond, grapefruit, brazil nut etc. at good prices: about 5- 7.50 euro the shower gels (previous 10-13 euro) and 10 euro the body butters (previous 18 euro).

They also had big tubs (400ml) of selected body butter for 25 euro, but as my boyfriend kindly highlighted it was better value to get the single ones. For example two normal pots of brazil nut (200ml each) would’ve cost 20 euro instead one big pot of 400ml for 25 euro. My man can’t be fooled he he.

Lets proceed with what I got:

Pink Grapefruit (400ml), Moringa Foaming Bath (400ml), Satsuma (400ml) and Almond (250ml) Shower Gels

Brazil Nut and Satsuma* (*not on sale, worth every penny)

I am absolutely obsessed with the Satsuma body butter, been using it every night on my arms and chest, love love love the scent of oranges! The texture it’s not as thick as the brazil nut, believe its suitable for a normal skin and not dry ones. Happily for me my skin is normal and loves every little bit of it. It’s just something really uplifting and positive about Satsuma/citrus scent, I want to get some candles or oils with the fragrance for the house.

The Brazil Nut Body Butter is lovely as well, the scent is more delicate and almost edible. Im rubbish at describing scents, I would want to say that it smells sweet like chocolate but it is not as strong.  Anyway, lovely stuff all together, thick texture and very moisturizing. Use this whenever I need a bit of pampering.

I am very pleased with all my shower gel choices, the smell lingers on the skin and in the bath and they just make the whole experience a bit different. The only back drawn is that my other half tends to think so too, despite his protests that he doesn’t need fancy shower gels and that Radox is grand. Then why do you smell of almond every time you take a shower??? Bless 🙂

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  1. January 29, 2011 / 12:06 am

    50% off body butter that is amazing xxxxx

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