Bomb Cosmetics Soaps and Bath Tulips Review

While i was sorting out pictures on my laptop, i came across some Bomb photos i made for the blog in November or December, that never got published.

Well there’s no better time like the present!

I’m a major fan of bath products and there’s nothing i enjoy more then having long, beautifully scented hot baths. If i can watch a comedy on my laptop while I’m at it, I’m in spa heaven!

While i was living in Sligo, i didn’t have an easy access to my beloved Lush (i know now that i can order online sigh) so got allured by the very affordable Bomb bath products available in my chemist.

These is what i got at the time:

 These lovely cupcake looking treats are called Bath Tulips and are used as bath melting moisturising products. You just fill up your bath and then drop one of these babies to add moisture and fragrance to the water.

Unfortunately they just look yummy, i didnt enjoyed using them at all.

The scent was very discrete compared to Lush, which some people i know will find appealing and they did indeed add moisture to my skin. Oily moisture that is. Maybe because they were larger then the previous bath creamers i tried (see here) it made the skin very greasy and oily, as opposite to hydrated.

Also what i found very annoying, my tub was extremely greasy and dirty looking. After my so called relaxing bath, i had to get the gloves and CIF and start scrubbing…and then scrub some more, because aparently it dries up fast on the walls of the tub. 

Now these soaps i enjoyed using!

At 1.50 euro a slice (about 100g) i got a seaweed and sea salt soap (the blue one) apparently with anti-cellulite properties, a luffa and lemongrass soap (green) which i loved to use for exfoliatiation and a fruity rich soap (pink). 

None of them felt drying, lathered well and sometimes i used them instead of a shaving foam for my legs.

Have you tried any of the Bomb Cosmetics products?


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