March Favorites

If in the last few months I’ve done mostly makeup favorites (here and here), this time I’m doing body and hair favorites. My makeup hasn’t changed at all since last month, i have been so comfortable with my routine that i didn’t bother using other products. Maybe this month I’ll spice things up a bit.

Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Leg & Vein Cream

My job involves standing a lot and running around the place, so I’m concerned about getting varicose veins. I have this routine every night of massaging my calves to stimulate the blood flow and then i stand with my legs elevated for a couple of minutes to avoid swelling. Hey i girl gotta to do, what a girl gotta do!

This cream is full of organic active ingredients with a reputation to prevent varicose veins like Royal Jelly, Horse Chestnut, Propolis, Palmaria palmata (marine extract) and much more. The texture is a silky cream that facilitates the massage, soaking in without being greasy. Leaves a lovely finish, the skin feeling very soft and toned.

                    L’oreal Sculpt Up Body Gel

Like everyone else this time of year, I’ve started to take better care of my body and prepare for summer. Which usually means, time to shed a few winter pounds and tackle the dreaded cellulite.

Loreal Sculpt Up body gel is a tightening and re-sculpting product, with an immediate effect. It really has the result of a corset, just gives the impression of a more refined silhouette and keeps everything tucked in. Also makes the most incredible silky skin, I love it!

I tend to use it before a night out or whenever i wear something more fitted, i can really see a difference. Unfortunately the effect its only temporary it lasts as long as you use it daily, so im still looking for a good cellulite cream to melt the cushions away. I would definitely bring this gel with me on beach holiday!

 Avene Cold Hand Cream

I use loads of sanitizing gel on my hands during the day and the result is a very dry, irritated skin. So far, Avene Cold Cream was the only thing that restored my hands to normality after just one use, i applied it before going to bed and in the morning i had moisturised and normal looking skin. Also i like that is not greasy and comes in a small tube, handbag friendly.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Hair Mask

Yes, its full of silicone, but do i care? No! Just finished a pot of it and really liked it: didn’t weight my hair down, wasn’t heavy once applied- had more of a conditioner texture. But oh boy, when i blow dried my hair was left with lovely shiny tresses and most important for me, my long hair was very easy to detangle. A very good budget buy for me.

Montagne Jeunnesse Sensuous Spice Self Warming Face Mask

Im a fan of Montagne Jeunnesse face masks, everytime i go to Dunnes to do my grocery shopping i pick up a couple of satchets. I was very pleased to discover that they came up with 100g tubes for up to 10 applications.

I have the Sensuous Spice mask since Christmas, it last me a very long time – tend to use it once a week after shower and exfoliation. The mask has a clay texture, smelling lovely of cinnamon and ginger and has deep cleansing properties. Once massaged on the wet skin, it starts warming up when touched. Having this effect, i wouldn’t use it on rosacea prone skin, as it can brake even more the fragile capillaries.

The result is luminous, fresh and clear skin. My face doesn’t feel tight and all the pores are noticeably cleaner. Also, the cinnamon in the composition has anti-acne properties, believe the original home made recipe is to mix honey with cinnamon to clear out blemishes (beware it can burn the skin if left too long!)

Lancome Renergie Multiple Lift Yeux

Very excited about thisnew eye cream from Lancome, been using it for the last two weeks and so far so good! It deserves a proper review, so watch this space.

H&M Aviator Style Sunglasses

Until i manage to save some pennies for a Ray Ban pair, this aviator sunnies from H&M feel the void. At 4,99 euro a pop, had to get two pairs: one in silver and one in gold. Would be rude, not too!

Last but not least, I’m loving in March my most repurchased perfume – Marc Jacobs Daisy (almost gone) and The Body Shop  Brazil Nut Body Butter (talked about it here).

What did you love in March? x



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  1. April 6, 2011 / 6:45 pm

    Oooh, ‘Daisy’…niiice!(that’s the best I can put it, sadly!)

    And I *so* need those sunglasses! Beautiful!

  2. andreea
    April 6, 2011 / 6:50 pm

    I know, Daisy smells of spring and summer! Love it, is my 5th bottle. I want to get next daisy fresh, masive pink bottle x

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