The Body Shop Honey Bronze Event

Hello lovelies, how are you keeping?

After an amazing Bank Holiday, filled with parties and barbeque’s i finally got around to do some blogging. I know, I’m the worst blogger ever *hangs head in shame*.

Last week, last Wednesday to be precise, i was one of the fortunate blogger who got invited by the ever so lovely Suzanne to attend the launch of the new Body Shop Honey Bronze summer collection and meet the amazing Karim Sattar – The Body Shop International Make-Up Artist.

Upon arrival  in the flag ship store on Grafton Street (Dublin), we were greeted by the helpful staff and offered canapes and champagne glasses. What can i say, they really know how to pamper a girl!

The shop itself was smelling delicious as allways (NB. must bring myself to buy some of the home fragrances, gorgeous scents!) and honey bronze workshop tables were all around us.

I stayed beside the pretty ArtDonatella and the lovely girls from VivaAdonis, believe Karen from Lovelygirlybits was right behind us. Hi girls x! You can spot in the crowd Kirstie from the famous and other great beauty bloggers and journalists.

Shortly, Karim started to present the Honey Bronze collection, showcasing it on a beautifull Body Shop girl. Karim was great at explaining all the products, while making funny commentaries and just making the whole experience truly enjoyable.

Some of the tips and advices on how to create a bronzed goddes look with the Honey Bronze products:

1. Don’t use an eyebrow pencil to contour the brows, use instead a soft eyebrow powder.

2. Apply your bronzer/blusher underneath the brow bone as well, supposedly knocks off 5 years of your appearance.

3. Don’t use mascara on the lower lashes, it is more youthful to have a full set of lashes just on the top. As well, don’t use a khol pencil on the bottom, line your eye with a dark soft brown eyeshadow.

4. As for eye shadows, Karim used the Shimmer Cubes – mainly the Gold shade on the lid, while contouring the eye with a Bronze shade. Apparently Jane Fonda, is one of the celebrities who love the shimmer cubes. Also, another trick – if you are not a fan of the shimmer, use a silicone primer to mattify your shadows.

5. Karim applied first the Bronzing Gel for the face, which is very similar to a cheek stain. The texture is one of a mousse, being very blendable and easy to use. It can be applied on the cheek, hairline, neck and everywhere else you need a bit of a tan. The bronzer/blusher can be used on top.

6. This summer is all about the matte bronzers for contouring, so forget shimmer. There is a new shimmer bronzing brush in the range, that can be used on the apple of the cheeks or even on top of head (yeah you heard me, on your hair!) to add shimmer, shine and that sun kissed look.

I loved the overall look, it wasn’t overpowering and very natural. Like your skin, only better. I’m not a fan of in your face, orange tan that is so obvious is fake. I love a hint of bronze, sun kissed describes how i like it. With Honey Bronze, you will create a healthy, sunny and natural look.

I will do a following post on the generous goodie bag, i used everything for a week now so i can provide an accurate review.

 Another highlight of the evening was the eyebrow threading by Bushra. Never had my eyebrows done before, mainly because they are quite sparse and don’t have a great shape. Boy oh boy how that has changed!! The lady was amazing, in a couple of minutes she gave a great set of brows, still cant believe how clean they look and what a great shape she gave me.

Bushra I’m forever in your debt! I will have them done monthly now with herself, its only 12 euro and it is really worth it.

 For more coverage on the Body Shop event, check this great bloggers:, ArtDonattela, VivaAdonis, Lovelygirlybits,  Fluffyblog,  Rosemary MacCabe,

Ladies was a pleasure to meet you finally, felt a bit surreal…feels like i know you for ages, but then i don’t. Hard to explain, but I’m sure you get me.

Many thanks to The Body Shop for inviting me, was a real treat to attend the event and to meet the fabulous Karim.

Chat soon xxx


NB. All photos courtesy of The Body Shop PR.

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  1. May 4, 2011 / 2:41 pm

    LOL, to be more precise, it was on Wednesday hun! You sweet you!

    Lovely to have met you too, must repeat soon :D!


  2. andreea
    May 4, 2011 / 2:44 pm

    Haha changed it now, still dont know what day it is today. Had to many offs and too many parties :)))

  3. May 4, 2011 / 2:52 pm

    Ooooh, great for you!!! Glad you partied lady!!! There’s no such thing as ‘too many offs & parties’ hun! xoxo

  4. andreea
    May 4, 2011 / 2:59 pm

    Had the best weekend, went to Sligo to see my friends. Didnt want to come back 😀 xxx

  5. May 4, 2011 / 8:37 pm

    Oh, I know, I saw this on FAcebook! Good for you love! Happy for you!


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