Lancome Visionnaire (LR 2412 4%) Advanced Skin Corrector

‘A product so powerful that over half of women no longer want a dermatological procedure after using Visionnaire.’ *product claim.

RRP. €70 for 30ml or €95 for 50ml

I have been using the Visionnaire serum daily since August, once a day in the evening time under my night moisturiser. I didn’t want to rush and post a review after only two weeks – although i fell in love with it instantly – just to be able to have an accurate view of the results.

What is Visionnaire?

It is a skin corrector, a light serum that can be used once or twice a day under the current day/night moisturiser and it is safe to be used even on the gentle eye contour.

100% Active – 100% Safe, Visionnaire its four times stronger then the leading pharmaceutical product Retinol without the nasty side effects (sun sensitivity, dryness, redness).

It has taken Lancome 12 whole years to create the LR 2412 molecule, inspired by nature and the safe healing properties of plants.


Wrinkles appear reduced, as if smoothed. Skin imperfections seem diminished.

Pores appear less visible.Dark spots are visibly reduced.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

My thoughts

First of all, have to mention that i have oily combination skin, don’t have any wrinkle concerns yet! (im 27) so cant say I’ve seen a major improvement in that area. I have been using the product every night for the last two months – three pumps under the moisturiser, including the eye contour and neck.

The serum is very light weight and easily absorbed into the skin and its beautifully fragranced, I really believe that it has the same scent as Chanel Eau Tendre, but it could be only me. Im not allergic to perfume in skincare so not sure how a person sensitive to fragrance might react to it.

It really improved my skin condition in the sense of radiance, pores and overall evenness. It just appears a lot smoother and more radiant, the first word that comes to mind when i see my skin in the morning is ‘relaxed’.

Now the most important thing that convinced me of the product, is the healing properties of Visionnaire. Ony, my fiancee has a nasty cut in the corner of his mouth obtained while shaving, who refuses to heal even after months since the cut. Well, after starting to apply the serum every night on the cut (and overall his pretty face!) it appears that is finally closing and start to heal (he used it for a month now).

Another healing story of the product is of one of my friends who had a little burn on her arm, after an ironing session. After only one week, the burn is so faded almost gone.

Apparently this is one of the most important properties, it restarts the healing process of the skin and boost the whole appearance. Also its a great help in fading scars and acne marks.

Have you tried Visionnaire yet? What are your results?

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  1. kate
    October 3, 2011 / 1:03 pm

    dreaa, i’m allergic to perfume and i’ve never had a problem with this or any lanolin-scented lancome products, even though perfume-free clinique gives me rashes :L

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