The Healthy Choice

The Healthy Choice

Every summer i try to get healthier and make some good changes in my lifestyle: i walk more, eat more fruit and veggies and of course, try to detox and update my beauty routine.

With sensitivity becoming a world large epidemic, i have decided to try getting the healthy version of some of my beauty bits. Usually for me this doesn’t work, i have tried in the past natural skincare and it usually broke me out or i disliked the feeling of the product. So for my face i am sticking with what works for me – currently the Clinique 3 Step System.

For my hair i swapped the silicon rich shampoos and conditioners for the healthier version of Loreal Ever formulas. Usually my hair thrives on silicon, so it was refreshing to see how well the EverSleek and EverStrong worked.

The EverSleek is meant to tame down frizziness and unruly hair and this is exactly what it does! The hair is left smooth, polished and sleek (!) without being weighted down. The EverStrong is a god sent this summer, is super minty and refreshing and leaves my hurr bouncy and voluminous. Truly recommend them!

I got the Balance Me Toning Body Wash as part of this month Glamour Magazine, with 99% natural origin ingredients its just wonderful to cleanse with and cool down in the evenings. Feels very gentle and has an invigorating scent.

And the most important thing, that probably was the factor in deciding to switch to healthier beauty versions: the aluminium free deodorant. I have often read about the effects and links between aluminium in deodorants and breast cancer. Although nothing is clear or properly proven yet, i have decided this is a risk im not willing to take. So i swapped my normal roll-on for the Sanex Zero% antiperspirant, which apparently hasn’t got any parabens, colorants and other nasties and uses mineral alum. Now i hope for the sake of my underarms this mineral alum is not the same type aluminum im trying to avoid. If anybody knows better, please let me know.

Im curious to hear about your healthier choices, let me know what other swaps i could make.

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