How to Shop the Zara Sale – 7 Helpful Tips and My Picks!

Shopping the Zara Sale 2015

Zara Sale 2016 starts in Ireland on Thursday 23rd of June.

Zara Sale is something that has become a yearly tradition of mine, twice a year – January and July i raid the shops and get everything i’ve been lusting on and couldn’t justify it at full price. The value is amazing, dresses that are retailing at €49.50 are being reduced to a tiny €14.99 or sometimes even less – no wonder i get hyper about it.

Shopping the Zara sale for so many years, ive gathered a few tips to help me get the maximum value out of it:

  1. Don’t rush and buy loads on the first week of sale – the discount is quite small varying between 10%-20%.
  2. Waves of reductions will come every Thursday of the sale week, so for example on the second week you will get between 30%-40% off. Also the online site will be updated every Thursday.
  3. Best value is on the third week (if you can hold on that long), when you will be getting a decent 50%-60% off.
  4. Online is sold out the fastest, don’t fret though stores get new stock every Monday and you will find the garment that you want in your size. Just shop different branches.
  5. Go in early in the morning when the racks are tidy and neat.
  6. Shoes, bags and coats get reduced by 30% max. Sometimes you will get amazing value, depending if the items are from Basic/TRF and of course, depending on the starting price.
  7. If you are dreading the fitting room ques, just buy your size and try it at home. Zara has a wonderful customer service and you can change or return your garments within the 28 days, with a valid receipt of course. I always found them very helpful and the staff will even help you track down garments from different branches or online.


Zara Sale Haul January 2015

Zara Cobalt Blue Dress €14.99// Zara Open Back Striped Dress €14.99// Zara Guipure Black Dress €14.99.

Zara Sale Shopping

Zara Blue Sweater €19.99// Zara TRF Polka Dot Top €9.99// Zara Lace Full Skirt €19.99.

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9 (1 of 1)

Do you have any sale that you raid every season? Would love to hear your tips and savings! x

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  1. January 16, 2015 / 5:04 pm

    I can’t do Zara sales in store! It’s so messy in there and busy. I tend to go online as they have great stuff on there too without the crowds.

  2. Andreea
    January 16, 2015 / 6:26 pm

    I love rummaging trough the rails for treasures :), i prefer the online when its full price. On sale they don’t seem to have as much choice as in store.

  3. January 21, 2015 / 6:47 pm

    Great tips, lady! I don’t have much luck with sales tho I did get a great bargain this year in Arnotts!

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