Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramides Capsules

elizabeth arden retinol ceramides capsules

What is Retinol and why is it good for your skin

Whether you are a skincare junkie or not, you probably have heard of Retinol. Its one of the few clinically tested skincare ingredients that is proven to rejuvenate the skin. Retinol will stimulate the production of new cells in your skin. It will fade acne scars, pigmentation marks and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

However, this potent ingredient is not without its side effects. Depending on its concentration and formula, you can experience dryness, redness, stinging, burning or peeling of the skin. In some cases, during the first two weeks of using a retinol product, your cell turnover will speed up and your pores might purge underlying congestion.

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum. 76% more potent than unencapsulated retinol

The overall dermatologists consensus is that its a good idea to start on a mild retinol product during your late twenties, early thirties. It could be a some sort of insurance policy in delaying pigmentation, enlarged pores and lines and wrinkles. That’s not to say you aren’t going to see the results if you are starting later on in your life.

Whats so special about the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules is that its a non irritating innovating product, that delivers the results of retinol with minimum side effects.

The capsules combine the sought-after retinol molecule with skin barrier strengthening ceramides. This helps the skin to maintain a healthy moisture balance and prevent the potentially drying effect of retinol. Gentle, non-sensitizing emollient oils provide back-up on the hydration front too, while peptide proteins also swoop in to signal for skin to produce more collagen. This will boosts the skin’s resilience. Also the encapsulated delivery minimizes the risk of bacterial and environmental contamination, and your skin’s general health and retinol tolerance is likely looking up.

I seen a dramatic improvement results in my skin after just two weeks!

This is of course my own personal experience, but i seen results in terms of texture improvement and line minimizing in my skin after just two weeks. My forehead lines in particular are dramatically diminished and my irregular skin texture has been smoothed out.

I used three capsules per week and personally i wouldn’t recommend more than that. Its what the Elizabeth Arden consultants and leading dermatologists recommend too. I personally have a high tolerance to retinol, mainly because my skin is quite oily and resilient. So no dryness, irritation or other side effects have been noted. I also started incorporating the Elizabeth Arden Superstart probiotic serum twice a day into my routine. The serum will strengthen the moisture barrier, calm any irritation and boosts the skin ability of repairing.

Also i have to note that its been incredible to know exactly how much product i need for each use. The capsules hold one application, so the risk of over applying retinol is minimized. Because its such a strong ingredient, its easy to over due it and experience unpleasant side effects. Sunscreen daily application is paramount, retinol will make the skin more sensitive to the sun. A minimum of SPF 30 UVA/UVB should be in your daily routine rain or shine.

Bottom line is that after trying the Elizabeth Arden capsules is that i cant ever be without. This bottle has been provided as a sample for review, however i will 130% buy my next one.

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elizabeth arden retinol ceramides capsules

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