Dr. Harris Sleep Mask Review: Before and After Results with Exclusive 40% Off Discount Code

Dr. Harris Sleep Mask Review: Before and After Results with and Exclusive 40% off Discount Code

In today’s fast-paced world, quality sleep is a luxury many of us can’t afford. Stress, screens, and endless distractions often disrupt our sleep patterns, leaving us tired and groggy the next day. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried countless remedies, from herbal teas to white noise machines, to achieve a good night’s sleep. That’s where the Dr. Harris Sleep Mask comes into play. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the Dr. Harris Sleep Mask, detailing its features and, more importantly, sharing the remarkable before and after results of using this innovative sleep aid when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, keep reading for an exclusive discount code to make your purchase even more enticing.

Before we get into the incredible results of using the Dr. Harris Sleep Mask, let’s take a closer look at its features and what makes it stand out in a sea of sleep masks on the market. And the only sleep mask that promises a smoother skin after just 15 minutes of using it.

CurrentBody x Dr Harris Sleep Mask

CurrentBody has partnered with Dr. Steve Harris MB BCh MSc MBCAM – London’s leading aesthetic practitioner and THE name in anti-wrinkle treatments, to bring you this innovative sleep mask, which is clinically proven to improve relaxation & aid sleep.

The feature that makes this mask truly unique are the raised silicone dots on the inside edge of the mask – these dots stimulate receptors in the skin. This stimulation has been proven to increase relaxation more than a cotton eye mask in a clinical study, with 67% of participants feeling more relaxed after using the Dr Harris Sleep Mask. Plus, these dots also showed to reduce fine lines around the eye area by helping to relax the face whilst wearing the mask.

This design, combined with a mulberry silk blend & black light-blocking colour makes the Dr Harris Sleep Mask an essential addition to your nighttime routine.

  • World-first, revolutionary anti-ageing sleep mask
  • Clinically proven to reduce frown lines
  • Users saw an improvement in wrinkles after just 15 minutes
  • Promotes emotional relaxation by 67%**
  • Natural & pain-free silk mask; wear while sleeping
  • Created by Dr. Steve Harris MB BCh MSc MBCAM; London’s leading non-surgical aesthetic doctor
  • As Seen In: Tatler, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Grazia, Good Housekeeping & The Telegraph

How it works

This sleep mask not only works wonders for your sleep quality, but is the world’s first for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, delivering anti-ageing results whilst you rest.

Lines and wrinkles are formed by muscle contractions that happen underneath your skin – it’s been scientifically proven. These muscle contractions form two types of wrinkles – static and dynamic. Dynamic wrinkles are temporary lines formed by expressions, like when you frown or smile. Static wrinkles are more permanent lines.

Using 2R Technology (resistance and relaxation), the silicone dots gently grip your skin to prevent the underlying muscles from contracting. This resistance helps to prevent sleep creases – usually caused by your pillow – for smoother skin around your eyes. Enjoy physical relaxation of muscles and emotional relaxation as the mask stimulates your mechanoreceptors – tiny little nerve endings in your face.

Since this is an eye mask, that effect is localized right where you want it – those pesky brow furrows.

Before and After Dr Harris Sleep Mask Results



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I personally think my results are quite significant, for context – im almost 40, with no anti-wrinkle injections or toxins and no other enhancements. Im sure by looking at my face you figured as much lol.

The Dr Harris Sleep Mask is not just for toxin free people, but it will help prolong the anti-wrinkle effects on people who do use and will ensure you will wake up with significant less sleep lines.

Also, another huge bonus for me whilst using the sleep mask was that the pressure points helped me have a more profound, deeper sleep. Ive never experienced such good sleep since i was in my 20s! So for this alone, i think its a great investment and considering the benefits and that is made of pure 100% Mullberry silk, is not much more expensive than its counterparts.

Which brings me to the discount code!

Use code ANDREEA40 for 40% off Dr Harris Sleep Mask here

Now €42!

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