Collistar x Illy Collezione Caffe Makeup Line


A story of love, beauty and coffee.
Coffee is a kaleidoscope of warm brown, red and amber hues, that are intense, yet bright and versatile. Powders, nail lacquers, lipsticks… every product is encased in optical white packaging with red decorative elements, because red is the color of Illy’s logo and white is the color of its iconic cup….

New Clarins Graphik Autumn 2017 Collection

The new Clarins Graphik Autumn Makeup Collection ’17 is focused on one strong message: Express Yourself! Sultry, forest green eyes lined with black liquid liner, paired with rich moisturizing lipsticks – its all go this season with Clarins. If in the summer time we are going natural and airy with,…

New Clarins Double Serum | Review

The Double Serum has been in the Clarins family since 1985, getting improved and reformulated every couple of years as technology and research reached new findings in terms of skins natural ability of fighting lines and wrinkles and delaying the aging process. The latest breakthrough and testing was focused on the skins molecules abilities of communicating properly with the skin,…

New in Pharmacies | Five Makeup Products You Must Try

Despite being a high end gal at heart, lately the high street new beauty releases have really won me over. Honestly in the last few months, new release after release, i found great new brands and products that made their way in my daily makeup routine. I don’t like everything i get sent,…

Brand Focus Collistar Beauty | Buy Online Collistar Products and 30% Discount Code

I‘ve been telling you on and on, that i truly love anti cellulite treatments. It could be because i am Romanian and it seems that we have a real interest as a nation when it comes to our body appearance, cellulite included. Trough out the years i’ve been trying loads of body treatments from Vichy,…

Products I Use To Keep My Highlighted Hair Soft and Bright

One thing that im always asked about on my different social media profiles is my hair. The color of it in particular, mainly because that even when my natural roots were 6 months undone, my blonde was still looking clean, bright and ashy. Even my hairdresser commented that is looking surprisingly good considering how long ive left it between my appointments….

Cherish Mii by Mii Cosmetics | Review

Last week me and Sophia had the pleasure to attend the Mii Cosmetics press event and get to play with the new Spring Collection Cherish Mii. It was my first encounter with this salon only, mineral based brand and it sure wont be the last. London based, Mii Cosmetics have been developed as a natural progression from salon treatments to a natural and healthy makeup look….

New In | What I Bought in February

Well this is embarrassing, my last blog post was January Favorites and here i am now with a February haul. The quality of my content is at all time highs isn’t it? Hear me out though, the gods of blogging have been against me, trowing lots of baby and mommy sickness my way….

January Favorites

It has been a while since i’ve done a Favorites Round-up, i always enjoy reading or watching monthly faves yet somehow i always seem to miss the momentum and actually do one of my own. Hence my January Favorites are published on the 9th of February. Better late than never,…

Clarins Love Skin Illusion Blush | Review

PR Sample
Just in time for Valentines Day, Clarins have launched a limited edition of three Skin Illusion Blushes €20 with mineral and plant extracts. Three luminous, sheer shades that promise a glow from within finish: Luminous Pink (a cool tone baby pink – my favorite!), Luminous Coral (a lovely peach shade) and Golden Havana (ideal for deeper skin tones,…