Clarins Everlasting Foundation

I have been reading about the Clarins Everlasting Foundation for the last week in the glossy magazine Glamour and wondered if its any good. It is a 15 hours long lasting foundation, that comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Actually the packaging reminds me a bit of the Dior Nude foundation, as its the same rectangular glass shape with golden lid. The formula has SPF 15 and anti-pollution protection, is non comedogenic and has acacia extract for an optimal hydration.

clarins everlasting foundation

What I noticed lately, most companies try to bring for the spring collection foundations that are long lasting and retouch free. Maybe a heat wave is on the way and they want us to be prepared against melting make-up (a bit of wishful thinking), as i don’t see the point of a foundation that lasts 15 hours. OK, it is a recession worldwide and time is money, but 15 hours ?! 

Anyway, as the makeup whore that i am , i had to give this a try to :).

What i noticed first is the scent: kind of fresh floral something in between cucumber and chamomile (at least in my head). For me, the scent is fine as I am not allergic and I like scented things in general, but for a more sensitive person I can see how it can become an issue as it can be quite strong.

My shade is 112 Amber and it matches perfectly my complexion (I had to choose from 8 different shades, mostly very pale). The texture is mattifying as the name said, but i don’t see it work for dryer/dehydraded types as it can be pretty drying. It offers medium coverage and looks natural on the face.

After the first day I have mixed feelings about it, I don’t love it, but i don’t hate it either. My makeup stayed put all day and colours looked nice on (i mean blush, eyeshadow etc.), but as it is still cold outside i think I’m going to save it for a warm sunny day. It can be a real investment for summer holidays or for really oily complexions.

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