L`Occitane Shower Gels

L`Occitane is a french brand with a tradition of over 30 years in developing natural skincare products, with shops all around the world and old school packaging.  

I`ve been lusting over L`Occitane body products for a loooong time, but i never brought myself to actually buy something. So here I was, dropping hints here and there of how much i would love to try some of it and how happy it would make me (such a sly dog :p). Apparently my prays were listened, as my friend Jackie gave me two pretty shower gels for my birthday in January (plus a gorgeous YSL clutch bag that i absolutely adore). Yes, I am very lucky to be her friend! 

L`Occitane Shower Gels

The one in the left side is Ruban d`Orange Sunny Shower and in the right side Green Tea Body and Hair Shower Gel.

Ruban d`Orange Sunny Shower is “enriched in softening pulp concentrate, cleanses softly and leaves a fresh and sparkling scent of citrus fruit on the skin. For all skin types.”.It has a runny texture, its not your usual thick gel as it is more liquidy (it actually reminds me of orange juice). The scent is fresh, not overpowering at all and it lathers well. The only inconvenient is that i have the tendency to poor to much on the shower puff as i feel is not enough.

Green Tea Body and Hair Shower Gel it “provides strength and shine to your hair and well-being to your body.” This one is from the unisex collection, has a really fresh scent that awakens the senses in the morning. My boyfriend loves it and cant have enough, unfortunately for me :p. I haven’t used it on my hair as I am afraid of developing dry scalp/dandruff because of the fragrance.

Overall I really like them and they look great in the bathroom. I am looking forward to try some of their body lotions next (hint, hint :)).

What`s your favorite shower gel?

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