Bomb Cosmetics – Bath bonanza!!

Yesterday evening, my better half was preparing to have a hot relaxing bath and as the water was running, the following conversation takes place: “where is that nice stuff for the bath?”he asks sheepishly. “Well you used it all last week, i didn’t get the chance to get more”, I retort. ” Oh, ok then…well maybe i`ll leave it for tomorrow so”, he says. 

The moral of the story is that men are equally excited about nice bath salts and bubbles as we are, even if they wont admit it.

So, as the good girlfriend that I am, i went the next day to get some nice goodies for my beloved :). The gods smilled to me, as my chemist got a delivery of Bomb products at a very affordable price (1.99 a bath bomb, score!).

Bomb cosmetics has a wide range of bath and body products, handmade and lovely scented. They are very similar to Lush Cosmetics, as they have natural extracts, organic ingredients and they share the same passion for animal rights and protection of the environment. While i still love Lush, i find their bath bombs and bubble bars a bit expensive as they are mostly for 1-2 uses and i tend to use more their shower gels, massage bars etc because of their better value for money.

My chemist keeps only the bath bombs and bath creamers, so i stocked up on this. The packaging was lovely too, it looked like a cake box!

Bath Box

And inside:

Bath bombs

I also got some creamy bath bars in Gorgeous, Sensual and Fruity:

Bomb creamy bath bars

This ones you break them up in up to 5 pieces, so supposedly they will last 5 creamy baths :).

I also got a pretty gold box to keep them nice and tidy in the bathroom. This is the finally display:

Bath bombs

The bombs are a decent size, they just look small in comparison with the huge purple one “Nature`s Candy” which is the size of a grapefruit. They have a very similar look to the Lush ones (the big one is exactly like Sex Bomb and the white creamer with the rose in the middle is the splitting image of Amandopondo Bubble Bar, just to name a few), but they are not even near to the unique Lush scents.

In the bath they behave really well, delivering a nice scent and softness, while colouring the water. Plus they look really cool in the bathroom! The only con is that the bath creamers leave an oily residue in the tub, so you`ll have to scrub a bit afterwords and it can get a bit slippery. Overall, a very nice bath experience.

Happy bathing!

N.B. I purchased this products with my own money, I am not affiliated with Bomb or Lush cosmetics. This was my honest opinion about the products so take it as it is.

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