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Today I had a interesting day in Galway, where I attended a training about a new makeup collection. I will outline my opinion in a future post, after I will try it.

The interesting part for me, was the skincare bit. For example, I learned that skin actually knows when its night and when its day. It has a preset “clock” , that dictates when it is time for nutrition, regeneration and so on. Frankly, I didn`t know that our skin is so smart (fair play to it :)).  Of course, I knew about metabolism in general and what is best to eat and when (such as is better to have your last dinner at 7pm), which is the best time for studying, exercising etc. but not about skin.

So let me share with you the little bit of information that I got.

 During the day, skin is in “alert mode” to say it plastic, as its primary role is to protect itself from external environment, pollution, free radicals, UVA/UVB rays etc. Meanwhile, during the night, its best role is to rest, regenerate and it is the best time for beauty treatments.

 With this we get to the interesting bit: the skin has different functions that activate itselfs on different hours of the night. For example , 7pm is the best time for exfoliation  as the skin is doing this naturally, shedding all the dead cells. The best time for cell renewal is between 00.00 – 3.00 am as the skin renews itself up to 3 times faster than usual and the regeneration it is maximum. If you’re using a night cream, it will only be absorbed at around 4 am as the skin is most permeable at that time, allowing all the active ingredients to get thru.

So, with this in mind is best to go to bed at around 23.00-23.30 to get the most benefits for your complexion. It is a fact that “night owls”,  people who go to bed late or  people who work in shifts, age faster than people who go to bed before midnight. And no, it doesn’t matter if you go to bed at 3am and get up at 12pm (believe me i asked), your skin knows and you are actually disturbing the balance of your body. Your only gonna get the benefit of absorbtion and thats it. This is why many radio people, who have to get up at 4 or 5 do to morning shows, will have a dryer complexion because their skin doesn’t absorbs any nutrients (even if a night cream is used).

 Maybe for some people this information it`s old news, but I found this very interesting and educating at the same time. A better life-sleep hygiene is bound to help us keep our youthful look longer, in conjunction with all the variate skincare regimes used. I know it is not possible to get it right every time, but at least a few days a week we can try (turn that telly off now!).

Hope this was useful.


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