Lancome Pure Empreinte Face Mask

Who wants squeaky clean, refreshed skin? Me, me!! i answered immediately and grabbed the white tube full of promises. 

Sometimes daily use of foundation tends to build up in my pores and those mild formulated face masks designed for sensitive skin don’t help a lot. My skin wants hard-core, in-depth purifying agents that minimise pores and dries small blemishes. And this is what this mask deliveres, simple and straight forward.

lancome mask

Lancome Pure Empreinte is not a new product, but it’s not very known either. It’s a purifying mineral mask with white clay for oily/combination skin. It should be applied on a cleansed skin, left for 5 minutes (i leave it more, until it dries completely) and then just removed with warm water. I use it once a week.

If you want to save some pennies, this mask can be home-made with kaolin powder (from the health shop) mixed with mineral/ purified water. The mix has to be made in a plastic/glass container and mixed with a wooden/plastic spatula. Metal destroys the properties of  kaolin. Also if you feel creative, you can add fruit/vegetable juices (has to be 100% natural) to adjust it to your type of skin.

I used to use the homemade version when i was a teen with a lot of time on my hand. Now, I prefer the Lancome one as is not messy and delivers fast results.

What`s your favorite face mask (homemade or bottled)?

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