The Body Shop Shea Butter Range

NB. This review was written on 2nd of January. Please excuse the festive mood :).

Hi guys and Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a very nice Christmas and a very happy new year.

I must confess i just love December, not only because you can eat and drink all you want but because of the SALES! I know…i know… I am being shallow again, but i can not help it. Clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery, house stuff, books …. well frankly anything  pretty with a price tag is just irresistable. I must have it!! So you must understand my excitement when I`ve seen the Sale add 50% off  in the window of Body Shop (be still my beating heart!).

First thing that I`ve got is the Shea Butter Range. I have tried the body butter before, so i decided to take the travel size gift set with all the products in the range.

  Body Shop Shea Butter

The Shea Butter/Karite range is designed as an intensive treatment for very skin. As the name sais the main ingredient is shea butter (doh!), blended with cocoa butter and babbasau oil to create the perfect moisturising blend. All the ingredients have been fair traded from Ghana and the product is not tested on animals.The scent of the products is not overwhelming, it is discreet and nice (it remainds my boyfriend of white chocolate yum!)

My set consisted of shower gel full size (250ml), body butter (50ml), body scrub (50ml) and shower puff. What I like about the range is that is very moisturising without  living greasiness on the skin. I have a problem with that, I love products for dry skin but they have to be fast absorbing, i don’t like that messy oily residue that stains the clothes.

The shower cream is very creamy and the skin feels lovely after it, without any tight feeling and more important no itchy patches. For me, the shower gel is very important as i have a sensitivity to  hard water, which manifests itself with a very annoying itch (how embarrassing!) so this one passed the test with brio. The only inconvenient is that it doesnt foam/lather very well.

The body butter i had it before, the 50ml lasted about a month of almost every day usage so for me it was good value to money. I tend to use it mostly on my arms, legs, lips and instead of a hand cream. It leaves the skin soft and silky, it prevents stretch marks and its safe to use during pregnancy.

The body scrub is in the form of a cream-gel with loads of exfoliant particles of salt and sugar. I use it once a week to buff away all the dead cells so the skin can absorb better the moisturisers i use. Also i love the fact that is in a pot instead of a tube, so i can use every single bit of it.

The soap is quite average, i still prefer the Lush ones. It doesn`t dry your skin (i use it to wash my hands) but it doesn’t contain any antibacterial agents either so…if it wasnt in the set, i wouldnt purchase it on its own.

Overall, bottoms up!

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