The Body Shop Raspberry and Almond Body Butters

As i mentioned in my previous post, Body Shop had a sale so I stocked up. I was lucky enough to find my favorite body butters in the selected sale items, so i purchased them immediately :).

  Body Shop Body Butters

One of my all time favorite is the Raspberry Body Butter. It comes in the form of a lovely pink creamy butter with a heavenly scent. Honestly i cant stop sniffing myself (quite the lady so I am :))! The scent may not be everybody cup of tea, as it can be strong and usually i don’t use any perfume with it but still, i love it! It is made for normal skin with raspberry seed oil. I love it especially in the summer time, as it makes feel as i am on a holiday…just slap that one after the shower and be transported to an exotic island. Ok, maybe it doesn’t work like that…but a girl can try.

I have tried the Raspberry shower gel in the range, but it was a disappointment. The scent it’s not as near as nice as the butter and it doesn’t feel moisturing at all. Hey maybe it was just me…and my water supplier, but not really impressed with it.

Another oldy, but goody it is the Almond Body Butter. This one is made with fair trade almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter for a normal to dry skin. It has a strong scent of almonds and it reminds me of Xmas cookies. Great for dry skin and lasts for ages.

What is your favorite body butter?


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