The Body Shop New Spring Collection – Bits and pieces

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I was telling you last week, that Body Shop has a new spring body collection out called Sweet Lemon based on, well…lemons :). I`m not going to dwell again on the range as you can read that post in my Body Shop Category, but i will do a review on the products i got to try.

Body Shop Spring Collection

Sweet Lemons Body Scrub

This is a sugar based scrub, blended with sunflower oil, lemon oil and real lemon peel that will buff away all those dead cells. The scent is a hit or a miss, like all the Body Shop products – its a strong lemony, meringue pie fragrance that will awaken your senses. However, once applied on the skin the scent has faded a lot, leaving only a hint of fragrance.

I believe this scrub can be used both on dry skin (for a more rough exfoliation) or wet skin. Oh and by the way, this is an excellent fake tan remover due to the acid found in lemons.

Result: silky smooth skin, very moisturised and soft. Only one warning: don’t ever use it on freshly shaved/epilated skin as it will sting like hell.

Sweet Lemon Lip Butter

Hmm…this smells just like white chocolate, lemony white chocolate actually :). Comes in a pretty small pot, like all their balms and it is moisturising without greasiness if that makes any sense. You see, i don’t like greasy, white-heavy lip balms that interfere with my lip gloss/lipstick. This balm will provide enough moisture during the day, its colorless and has a fainted sweet taste.

The Love Gloss

Also their make-up collection is now enriched with the new The Love Gloss (8 shades available). The novelty of the product is the wand shaped as a heart for a more voluminous, shiny effect. Well, while it is a novelty for the Body Shop lovers is not a novelty for the Loreal/Lancome users (see Glam Shine or Lancome Color Gloss).

I got to try the shades 16 Fushia Flush (medium coverge, pretty, natural pink I absolutely adore it) and 17 Sweet Peach (glossy, transluscent, colorless). The texture is very moisturising, due to cold-pressed coconut oil, cocoa butter, marula oil and they are not stiky at all. What i found surprising is that they are scented, i could sense a fainted fragrance of peaches (i could be wrong) very similar to the Juicy Tubes Peach.

Body Shop Love Gloss in Fuchsia

Love Gloss Fuchsia

Overall, they are great for a day to day, natural look.

I saved the best bit for last, as i got very excited when i saw it: White Musk Breeze Body Mist. Yes my ladies, the good old musk that fragranced generations of teens. God, I remember even now the cheap Impulse Musk body sprays that i used to use when i was 13, saving The Body Shop one for special occasions :).

Body Shop White Musk Breeze

Anyway, nostalgie aside this fragrance is very popular today as it was in our teens. The one i got is the limited edition, a much lighter and fresher scent then the original White Musk. There is a full range available with body lotion, shower gel, body mist and of course Eau de Toilette.

Surprisingly the scent is still appealing to me, i wouldn’t use it maybe as a main fragrance (i am deeply in love with Flower Bomb) but i would definitely take it away with me on a sun holiday. Oh, i can just imagine myself on the beaches of Tenerife…lovely night breeze and this sensual scent. Yes I am dreaming again, I`m sorry.

Disclaimer: The products presented were sent to me for review purposes. I am not affiliated with The Body Shop Company and I am not paid for writing reviews. This are my honest and personal opinions about the products.

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